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Img.211 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#H4b)

Img.211 (#H4b): It shows a version of the personal drive with a transparent helmet and a protective cushion around the hips. Shown are: (1) the cushions surrounding the hips which protect the hands of the drive user from strong magnetic and electric fields; (2) the magnetically impenetrable shield and anti-electrostatic insulation mounted on the outer surfaces of the cushions; (3) one of the segments of the eight-segment belt containing the side thrusters; (4) one of the compartments which divides the cushion into eight separate chambers (each of these chambers isolates one side thruster); (5) the magnetically impenetrable helmet shielding the head. (Originally this is Figure E4 (b) from monograph [1/4].) Note that the protective helmet (5) shown in this picture, in UFOnauts can also be replaced, for example, by a protective hood tightly fitted to the scalp, or by the hood shown in the previous figure Abb.209 (#H2b).

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