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Img.210 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#H3)

Img.210 (#H3): UFOnauts shockingly often break into our homes and into our computers. The above photo shows the results of UFOnauts' sabotage of a rather important UFO photo that I stored in my computer. This photo captured the so-called "unassembled set" formed from two UFO vehicles of K7 type, flying in the mode of operation called "beating mode" and described in subsection F10.2 of monograph [1/4]. (It is similar to the set of unassembled UFOs shown in the photograph Abb.192 (#D5a and #D5b).) This photo was taken by Paul Villa of Alberquerque, New Mexico, USA, on June 16, 1963, and is just one frame in a long series of color photographs of a low-flying configuration of two UFO craft. (The above "non-composite configuration" is similar to the UFO "non-composite configuration" shown earlier in "Photo #D5". Much better even the appearance of the above UFO vehicles can be appreciated in Img.123 (#C1c) of the website UFO activities on the Earth - about material evidence of covert activities of UFOnauts on Earth). But the most important in the above photograph are the effects of the so-called "magnetic lens" - on this web page described, amongst others, in items #B4., #C9. oder #J3.. I intended to use this photograph just to illustrate with it the operation of this "magnetic lens". Unfortunately, UFOnauts sabotaged it in such a manner as to nullify its evidential significance for this lens.

The unusual thing about the above photo is that already after scanning it, UFOnauts "hacked" into my computer and made a very clumsy and clearly visible from a distance retouching of it in the area of the UFO vehicle. Because I no longer have the book from which I scanned this photo, I am unable to scan it again to remove this conspicuous "retouching" (because it is not present on the original photo). The clear purpose of UFOnauts for which they carried out this intentional conspicuous "retouching", was to convince viewers that this photograph is a "fabrication". Such activities neutralizing the evidential value of UFO photographs, UFOnauts occupying Earth have been carrying out for a very long time. Its other, very cunningly designed example is described on the web page Memorial - how UFOnauts undermine the credibility of authentic UFO photographs. So it's time for us to start realizing that (1) UFOnauts come to Earth to rob people, (2) UFOnauts try to prevent humanity from realizing that it is secretly robbed and occupied by these evil aliens, and (3) in order to hide their existence and activities on Earth UFOnauts constantly destroy evidence of their existence (such as the above clear photo of a UFO vehicle).

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