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Img.209 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#H2b)

Img.209 (#H2b): This drawing shows the type of personal propulsion system that frees the legs of UFOnauts, as it contains the main propulsors in the epaulettes. Note that the hood shown in this picture protecting the head and fitting tightly to it can be replaced, for example, with a protective helmet of the kind shown as (5) in the Img.211 (#H4b). A version of this personal propulsion system with main propulsors mounted in epaulettes is used relatively often by UFOnauts. Shown are (1) one of the two main propulsors; (2) an eight-segment belt containing side propulsors; (3) one of the two booster bracelets worn on the wrists of the hands (sometimes they can also take the form of square plates sewn onto the upper surface of the wearer's gloves). These bracelets contain additional booster thrusters (not used for flight) which multiply the user's physical strength when he or she needs to do some physical work. The drawing also shows a wing-like cape sewn to the suit along the spine and back of the sleeves, which aerodynamically increases the fluidity of flight (like a modern hang glider). To increase the strength and stability of this suit, sometimes two crossed reinforcing suspenders will further connect the belt to the epaulettes.

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