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Img.207 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#F2a)

Img.207 (#F2a) Night photograph of a "time vehicle" from the third or fourth technical era, photographed in the "hanging" position. Visible is a sphere of glowing air in which the propulsion system of this vehicle made "changes in the internal energy of the magnetic field" the result of which is just this glowing, as well as the displacement of the entire vehicle to another point in time. In the very center of this sphere one can see the white glowing outlines of the outlets from the propulsors of this UFO.

Several pocesses of UFOs moving from the fifth technical era through layers of "recursive software time" have already been filmed. Links to these videos, along with explanations of the very process of formation of time "portals" and movement by UFOs to other times, are provided in items #J4.5. and #J4.6. from my website Propulsion.

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