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Img.205 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#E2a)

Img.206 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#E2b)

Sequence (#E2ab): Img.205/ Img.206 An example of a UFO type K3 hovering above the "crop circle" it made in the "telekinetic flickering mode" invisible to human eyes. Notice that the photograph did not capture the physical surface of the UFO vehicle at all at the time. After all, in the "telekinetic flicker mode" UFO vehicles remain invisible to human eyes and cameras. Instead, the camera recorded a faint white glow in the air called an absorption glow. It is also worth noting the hovering of this UFO vehicle at an angle relative to the Earth's surface. Such hovering at an angle is typical for UFOs, because their propulsion system requires that their floor, as far as possible, remains perpendicular to the local course of the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field. In addition, it is worth noting that UFOnauts apparently made this "crop circle" to observe the reactions and behavior of people. This is because people watch this UFO landing site and even take photographs on it, completely unaware that there is still hovering on it a UFO vehicle invisible to human eyes and penetrable by human bodies, operating in this "telekinetic flickering mode".

Img.205 (#E2a): There is a very interesting photo of a K3 type UFO vehicle photographed as it hovers just above the surface of a crop circle in Wylatow, Poland. This vehicle was in the so-called "telekinetic flicker mode". Thus, it actually cannot be seen either with the naked eye or captured on film with our camera. The only thing that a fast camera is able to register from it is the slight so-called "absorption glow" that is emitted on the surfaces of objects that are in the state of telekinetic flickering, including the above UFO.

Because in the "state of telekinetic flickering" a UFO becomes completely transparent and invisible to human eyes, the above photograph also managed to capture and clearly show a person who crouches outside of it, and thus who would normally be obscured by this UFO. Notice that UFO vehicles in the state of telekinetic flickering have the consistency of energy, not matter. Thus they can be penetrated by other objects as if they were not there at all. Thus, people can pass through them completely unaware that they are penetrating the bodies of UFO vehicles and the bodies of their crews. Furthermore, UFO vehicles in this state can also penetrate through solid matter, e.g. flying through walls directly into our homes, or flying through the surface of the earth into underground caves in which UFOnauts hide their "parked" UFO vehicles from people. (Similarly, UFOnauts who use "personal propulsion" can also fly through walls unscathed - a photograph of just such a UFOnaut who flies through a wall is shown in Img. (#4ab) /?/ from the web page Malbork - and mysteries and curiosities of Malbork Castle).

Abb.206 (#E2ab): Here is how a UFO type K3 captured in the photograph from the upper part of this illustration actually looks and is oriented. Its inclination relative to the earth's surface is due to the fact that its crew keeps the floor of this vehicle perpendicular to the local course of the force lines of the earth's magnetic field.

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