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Img.203 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#D8d)

Img.204 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#D8e)

Sequence (#D8de): Img.203/ Abb.204 Two-dimensional "flying clusters". This illustration shows how, by appropriately artfully cobbling together an array of UFO vehicles, the intelligent yet fraudulent crews of these UFO vehicles can deceive people by literally "painting" arbitrarily complex patterns in crops. Then agents of UFOnauts mingle with crowds of people and announce that these decorative UFO landings in crops are "pictograms" containing messages to humanity from some unknown intelligences. (In fact, in turn, these "messages" are from UFOnauts and state "we are deliberately deceiving you so that you won't catch on that we actually exist, and thus so that we can rob you practically indefinitely".

Img.203 A photograph of an ornamental "crop circle", that is, a landing site of a two-dimensional "flying cluster" in a grain field. This type of "ornamental landings" UFO vehicles perform on purpose in order to arouse confusion among people, and in this way to better hide their secretive activities on Earth. This better hiding of UFO activity on Earth carried out through the intentional making of elaborate landings similar to the above, depends on the practical application of the principle expressed by the saying of UFOnauts that "if you are going to hide a tree, then plant a whole forest around it. Namely, UFO vehicles sometimes completely unwittingly make UFO landings in crops (e.g. when they penetrate underground to park their UFO vehicles in an underground cave about the existence of which in a given place people have no idea). Because such a repetitive appearance of UFO landing sites in places under which they secretly park their vehicles would arouse unnecessary human curiosity, UFOnauts intentionally make a whole bunch of similar landing sites in different areas of the world. Thus, the appearance of these landing sites in a particular place no longer causes people to ask themselves the question "why just here" or "what causes these crop circles".

At this point it is worth adding that as complicated "crop circles" as the one shown above (wrongly called "pictograms" by some "UFO researchers") are made by UFOnauts laboriously and in a pre-planned manner. In fact, the entire process of making one such elaborate crop circle was filmed, and the video then made is now available on YouTube under the title "REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England". The reader can watch this video with the help of links which, together with a more extensive description of this process, I provided in item #A6.1. on my website Portfolio.

Img.204 A two-dimensional flying UFO cluster. It is obtained by side-by-side non-contact coupling of several UFO or Magnocraft configurations (or several individual vehicles) shown previously in Img.202 (#D8b), into a kind of overhead chain which extends not only along, but also across. The figure above illustrates the "flying cross". The dashed lines show the course of magnetic circuits separating (repelling) individual vehicles. These sparse separating circuits are always surrounded by many coupling circuits - for the clarity of the drawing not marked above but discussed in subsection F3.1.6 of monograph [1/4] and illustrated in Figure F13 of monograph [1/4]. (Originally, the above drawing of a two-dimensional "flying cluster" is "Figure F6 (6)" from monograph [1/4].)

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