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Img.020 from Artefacts (#B1)/ (#5) - Telepathy/ (#J1) - Tornados/ (#D1) - Seismograph

Img.020: The general appearance of a modern replica of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" (that is, the appearance of a replica of an ancient device capable of detecting incoming earthquakes and raising the alarm sufficiently before that earthquake strikes to allow safe escape from the danger zone).
The replica of the remote earthquake detector shown above as Img.020 (#B1), is the same device which until 2011 (i.e. until the Christcurch earthquake) was exhibited in Wellington, New Zealand, in a museum called Te Papa. It is also a replica which I studied to work out its factual principle of operation. (A description of the unique operation of this device, and also its equally unique fate, is presented in items #D1. to #I1 from the web page named Seismograph. The descriptions presented on this web page were created because, by a strange twist of fate, the above device unexpectedly appeared just a few kilometers from where I live, while I was searching for it all over the great world, being even prepared to fly to China to see it for myself.

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