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Img.019 (from Antichrist - #1)

Img.019 (#1): Here is a telling painting entitled "Christ-Antichrist," painted by Henryk Baca - i.e., by an exceptionally talented Polish artist endowed with surprisingly high artistic intuition (email henryk@baca.art.pl). (Readers are cordially invited to visit his website with a gallery of paintings.
I wonder if the viewer of the above painting can tell who in it is Jesus Christ and who is the Antichrist? Exactly in the same way as this painting makes us wonder which one of them is actually Christ and which one is Antichrist, also in real life highly puzzling are both these messengers of God, means both these "bodily representations of God" - as these representations are explained in item #F4 of this web page, while from a slightly different point of view also explained on a separate web page named changelings.htm. After all, both of them demonstrate supernatural powers to people, the powers of both of them originate from the same source, and also the activities of both of them on Earth are to serve the same purpose - i.e. to illustrate "mechanisms of operation of morality" and to return humanity to the path of moral behavior. Only that their "methods of teaching morality" will be the opposite. For Jesus taught exemplary goodness and morality (which "tied his hands" and made him defenseless against human wickedness). In turn, the Antichrist will teach morality with indescribable evil, Satanism, and human suffering (which will allow him to effectively defend himself against human wickedness and which, by the way, humanity will completely deserve by the time of his arrival - after all, already now the level of immorality on Earth is close to that of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, e.g. see item #B4. on the webpage Antichrist).

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