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Img.189 from Interpretation UFO-Bilder - #D3b)/ (#3) - Tapanui

Sequence (#D3ab): Img.188/ Img.189 A cigar formed from UFO vehicles.

Img.189 Side view of the entire flying complex in the shape of a posobar cigar formed from 7 K6-type Magnocraft. It is worth noting here that the magnetic energy-filled propulsors of the individual ships of such a cigar (containing cubic-double-chamber capsules) are distributed in this cigar in a form that resembles a parabolic reflector mirror or a cumulative explosive charge. Hence, the chain explosion of these thrusters will produce a directed impact force similar to that from modern cumulative anti-tank missiles. Since such a craft must always fly oriented with its central axis parallel to the local course of the force lines of the Earth's magnetic field, its explosion will thus create the very characteristic "butterfly-like" distribution of destruction found in two UFO explosions taking place on the Earth's surface, namely the UFO explosion near Tapanui, and the UFO explosion in the Tunguska taiga. (The original is Figure F7 (a) from monograph [1/4].)

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