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Img.185b from Interpretation UFO photographs (#D2a)/ (#C2a) - UFO proof

Img.186 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#D2b)/ (#C2b) - UFO proof

Img.705 from UFO proof (#C2c)

Sequence (#D2abc): Img.185/ Img.186/ Img.705 The comparison of spherical flying complex coupled together from two UFOs type K6 and photographed over Sweden by Lars Thorn on 6 May 1971, with the appearance and configuration of a spherical flying complex of two Magnocrafts type K3

Img.185) (#D2a): Photograph by Lars Thorn, showing the UFO vehicle hovering on the background of a landscape. On this enlargement the correctness of equation (F10) from [1/4] for the "K" coefficient can be verified. (For a spherical flying complexes this equation takes the form (F17): K=2D/H.) For UFOs and Magnocrafts type K6 this "K" coefficient takes the value of K=6.

Img.186 (#D2b): The reconstruction of the appearance and shape of this spherical complex of UFOs from the Thorn's photograph, prepared on the basis of a computer analysis of the photograph by the Stockholm investigating group called GICOFF. This reconstruction, together with the above photographs, is published on page 81 in the book [1P2] by Adolf Schneider and Hubert Malthaner: "Das Geheimnis der unbeakannten Flugobjekte", Hermann Bauer Verlag KG - Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 1976, ISBN 3 7626 0197 6. It very clearly reveals the double flange that fastens the resultant complex half way of its height. This flange is formed through coupling together the lens-shaped side flanges of both vehicles. In the lower vehicle, the outlet from the main propulsor is visible. In the upper vehicle four so-called "black bars" are visible as they stem from side propulsors.

Img.705 (#D2c): The appearance of a spherical complex formed from two K3-type Magnocraft. Originally this appearance is shown in "Fig. F1(b)" from volume 3 of monograph [1/4]. (A spherical complex of Magnocrafts (and UFOs) is obtained when two vehicles of the same type magnetically overlap their floors.) Note that joining together Magnocrafts and UFOs of a larger type (i.e. types K4 to K10) will form a complex with a more flattened shape.

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