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Img.182 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#C9e)/ (#J4.3d - Propulsion)

Img.183 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#C9f)

Img.184 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#C9g)

Sequence (#C9efg) Img.182/ Abb.183/ Abb.184: UFOs love Katowice! Here are three photographs that document this. They were sent to me by a colleague of mine from the same year of study at the Wrocław University of Technology - whom I know very well and about whose reliability I personally vouch (for details see our year of study page named rok.htm). The top two objectively documented a K4-type stellar UFO photographed in Katowice, Poland, on August 15, 2019, at around 2 pm - as this UFO watched a parade during an army holiday. In order to NOT be noticed by people watching this parade (because UFOnauts hide their continuous presence on Earth), this UFO shielded itself by creating around itself the so-called "magnetic lens" the operation of which I explained roughly in item #G2. and in Img.158 (#G1) from my web page named Magnocraft, while more precisely in subsections G10.3. and G10.3.1. and in Img.082 (#G32) from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].

In turn, this "magnetic lens" gives to the photographed UFO the appearance as if made of fog - which, of course, was immediately exploited by various "experts" suffering from the "incurable disability of imagination" described in item #J4.3. from my web page Propulsion in order to be able to hail these photographs as "reflections of the sun in the lens of a camera" - while overlooking several facts, e.g. that in spite of the fact that they probably have cameras themselves, they never personally were able to produce with them "reflections of the sun" with shapes of "disks" and with identical attributes as above, nor that these millions of people who every day photograph something with their cameras also "reflections of the sun" with similar shapes and attributes somehow do NOT report.

In turn, what the humanity loses because of the existence and clamor of such truth-denying "experts" I explained it in more details in the caption under the above photograph shown also as "Fig. #J4.3c" from the abovementioned web page "propulsion_en.htm". Both upper photos originally were supposed to document the flights of squadrons of F16 and F15E airplanes, but accidentally documented also this hiding from people discoidal UFO type K4, captured from the side in a slight inclination towards the photographer. This is because it so coincidentally happened that the camera in the cell phone captured the light moving along the force lines of the magnetic field generated by the main propulsor of this UFO - means in the situation best illustrated just on this Img.157 (#G1) of my website Magnocraft (only that this drawing shows the situation which would exist at the pole of the Earth, while the above photographs were taken in Poland, where the force lines of the magnetic field run at a high angle to the surface of the Earth). This is why the strong light escaping from the main propulsor of this K4-type UFO and traveling directly to the camera lens was documented very clearly. On the other hand, the light from the outlines of the shell of this UFO, forced to break through also across several magnetic field force lines, reveals the shapes of this shell made as if from "fog".

Although the sensitive camera managed to document the presence of this UFO, in order to note where it is located you need to look closely at the photos - see the descriptions below. This is because although the photos were snapped at the "portrait" position of the "cell phone", to me they were sent (the UFO worked!!!) at the "landscape" position - which further complicates their description and explanation (but confirms the intelligence and power of UFOs over people). The discoidal UFO type K4 documented in the above photos has the following dimensions: diameter D=8.78 [meters] and height H=2.19 [meters] - see Table G1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, the reader cannot check its dimensions himself, e.g. by comparing them with the dimensions of airplanes (e.g. F16 from the upper photo with a wingspan of 9.96 [meters] and a length of 15 [meters], and F15E from the lower photo with a wingspan of 13 [meters] and a length of 19 [meters]) because this UFO is constantly ascending and in both above photos is at significantly different heights than these airplanes.

However, the fact that it really is a UFO of K4 type is easy to find out, dividing the apparent diameter D of this vehicle measured from the photo, by its apparent height H (also measured on the photo), and then determining its "multiplicity" factor of k=D/H=4. In turn, how does a UFO of K4 type look like - i.e. with multiplicity equal to 4. with a multiplicity equal to 4, it is best to note this from a short (4-minute) free video entitled How big is the Magnocraft showing 8 types of my Magnocrafts with identical shapes and dimensions as the corresponding types of UFOs - which video is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkqrVePSj6c and is also linked from my web page Videos.

Img.182 (#C9e)/ (#J4.3d - Propulsion) A photograph of a flight of a squadron of F16 aircraft documenting a K4-type UFO hiding beyond the veil formed by its propulsors by the so-called "magnetic lens". This UFO can be easily found by the reader after enlarging it by clicking on it - see then just near the left edge of the photo about one height of the photographed squadron above this squadron of aircraft. However, this UFO is much closer to the surface of the earth than these airplanes, hence its dimensions are NOT in proportion to those of the airplanes. (Probably earlier it was flying just above the ground in order to document for itself what on the ground is happening, while seeing the flying airplanes it began to rise into the air in order to have a closer look at them as well).

Img.183 (#C9f) A photograph of a flight of F15E attack aircraft also documenting a K4-type UFO hiding beyond the veil formed by its propulsors by the so-called "magnetic lens". This UFO can be easily found by the reader after enlarging it by clicking on it - see then just at the left edge of the photo about three heights above this squadron of aircraft being photographed. However, this UFO is already much higher from the ground than these airplanes, thus its dimensions are also NOT in proportion to those of the airplanes. (Probably it continued its ascent from the previous flight just above the ground when it documented what was happening on the ground, but seeing the flying airplanes it began to ascend higher and higher into the air in order to take a closer look at them now).

Img.184 (#C9g) A photograph of a figurine of a miniature race of UFOnauts still available for viewing by the "saucer" in Katowice, called "krasnoludki" by Polish folklore, but seen practically all over the world, while in every culture called differently. UFOnauts of this race typically have the height of an average present half-liter bottle of fizzy drinks - although of course, similarly as in races of people, there are also individuals among them slightly taller and slightly shorter. With their niniature size and appearance, "dwarfs" differ significantly from another race of UFOnauts already of average size, i.e. heights slightly above a meter, which in Silesian folklore is popularly known as "treasurers" - because it was most often seen by miners in underground mines. But also this slightly larger race of UFOnauts is also seen throughout the world, e.g. currently in Poland it is most often called "greys", while in English-speaking countries it is often called "fairies". - although creatures so named are most often described like our "dwarfs". Of course, there is also a race of UFOnauts that look very similar to humans - these are the ones we most often see on TV if we know how to distinguish them. (I explained more about UFOnauts on pages named aliens.htm and malbork.htm.) Regardless of their height and appearance, all races of UFOnauts adore Katowice - certainly because of the meaning of the Polish words "kato-wice". They also show this adoration in their own unique way - e.g. with the collapse of the Katowice (or more precisely Chorzów) hall described on my web page named "katowice.htm" at 5:15 pm on Saturday, January 28, 2006.

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