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Update: 12.03.23

Img.018 (from Aliens - (#G3f)

Img.018: (#G3f): Here is an illustration of a "spherical complex" created by magnetically coupling the floors of two K4-type (rather than K3-type) Magnocraft together. To give an idea of the dimensions of the K4-type Magnocrafts, this illustration shows them in flight or hovering right next to a Russian T34 tank from World War II. This complex was computer-generated by my highly graphically gifted friend Dominik Myrcik. The above drawing is a copy of #A2b (Img.018) from another of my web pages named Magnocraft - where the reader will find additional descriptions of it. It makes it quite well clear to the viewer why UFO tunnels evaporated in rocks by vehicles flying in east-west directions have such, not other, shapes. After all, the magnetic propulsion of these vehicles requires that their floors be positioned as perpendicular as possible (as far as the direction and requirements of their flight allow), to the local force lines of the Earth's magnetic field.

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