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Img.176 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#C6a)

Img.177 (aus Interpretation UFO photographs (#C6b)

Sequence (#C6ab): Img.176/ Abb.177 UFO flying even faster than a rifle bullet.

(Img.176) (#C6a): Enlargement of an extremely fast flying UFO vehicle. This extremely fast flying UFO was photographed by Mrs. Edwards B. of Devona Street, Aspley, Brisbane, Australia, on May 12, 1973. She took this photograph while on vacation when Mr. Sinel (her friend) fell out of his yacht into the water, approximately 6 [km] southeast of Bay of Mayor Island (Tuhua Rocks), New Zealand. After the film was developed, the vehicle unnoticed by witnesses appeared flying above the horizon. The estimated speed of the UFO was about 60,000 [km/h]. In the next frame taken a few seconds later, the vehicle is no longer visible.

Img.177 (#C6b): The entire photo capturing this UFO vehicle flying even faster than a rifle bullet. This vehicle can be seen just above the horizon line, near the place where near the horizon you can see the bow of a kind of boat above the head of a person floating in the sea and well below (and between) a group of four seagulls.

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