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Img.173 from Interpretation UFO photographs (#C3a)

Img.174 from Interpretation UFO photographs - #C3b)/ (#E1b) - UFO proof

Sequence (#C3ab): Img.173/174 The appearance of a slow-flying UFO vehicle photographed at night during the "beating mode" of its propulsion system. In this mode on night photographs of a slowly flying UFO only patches of ionized air on the outlets from the vehicle's propulsors become visible. The color of these spots depends on the N or S pole of the UFO field that ionizes this air. For example, at the outlets from the N pole of UFO and Magnocraft propulsors the air is ionized in yellow or orange, while at the outlets from the S pole the air is ionized in green or blue.

Img.173 The appearance of a slow-flying UFO photographed at night in a black-and-white photograph with its drive mode beating. In such a mode of operation and in the absence of external light, in fact almost nothing can be seen from this UFO. An outside observer can only note the glowing of patches of ionized air at the outlets of the ship's propulsors, and the glow of sparks emanating from the so-called "oscillation chambers" in the ship's propulsors (if these propulsors are directed with their outlets toward the photographer). The above photo shows 20 such glowing outlets from the side propulsors of this UFO. But if one counts also the propulsors whose glow was not captured by this photograph, but the existence of which is indicated by the even distribution of side propulsors, then it turns out that this UFO had n = 32 side propulsors.

In turn, since there is a mathematical relationship between the number "n" of side pedals of a given UFO, and its coefficient "K" - this relationship takes the form "n = 4(K-1)", it can be easily determined that the above photograph captured a UFO type K9 (for which K=9, while n=32). The equations given in item #C1. of the website Interpretation UFO photographs inform that such a UFO of type K9 has the following overall dimensions: diameter D = 280.88 meters, height H = 31.21 meters. The permanent crew of a UFO type K9 consists of 9 UFOnauts. Similar night photographs of a slow-flying UFO are shown in Img.628 (#C11a) / Img.629 (#C11b) from item #C11. of totaliztic website UFO proof.

Img.174 A drawing showing the appearance of a K3-type Magnocraft in "beating mode" when its shell is switched to allow light to pass through. With such a shell setting, if light allowed, the internal structure of this ship would also become visible. Unfortunately, if this spacecraft is photographed at night, then the only things that become visible are patches of bicolored glowing air at the outlets of the propulsors - marked in black in the figure above. The drawing also shows the most important dimensions to accurately determine the type of a given ship. (How to determine this type is explained in Figure Img.174 (#E1b) from the web page UFO proof - about the formal scientific proof that "UFO vehicles do exist". Notice that the marked lines in this drawing interpreting the overall dimensions "D" and "H" of the craft, of course, during actual UFO sightings are not visible. The original drawing is Figure F20 from monograph [1/4]. A more detailed explanation of this drawing is contained in the pages Magnocraft.

The type of UFO can be determined relatively easily by measuring for a given vehicle its so-called "multiplicity factor" denoted by "K". This coefficient states how many times the overall height "H" fits into the overall diameter "D" of a given vehicle, i.e. K = D/H. For UFO type K3 this coefficient is K=3, for UFO type K4 this K=4, etc. ..., until for the largest UFO type K10 this multiplication factor "K" is K=10. The method of measuring "K" is just illustrated in "Fig. #C3b". Note that this figure shows a magnocraft of K3 type (as in the picture from Img.172/ Img.151 (#C2ab)), for which K=3.

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