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Update: 12.03.23

Img.017 (from Aliens (#G3c)

(Image sequence #G3abc): Img.015/ Img.016/ Img.017/ Three illustrations which indirectly prove the actual existence under Babia Gora of a UFO tunnel system known there for centuries and used by locals as a hiding place and treasure store. One of the numerous entrances to this system of tunnels once began in a former (old) church from Rabczyce, Slovakia.

Img.017 Here is a photograph of the underground tunnel, the comparison of the features of which with the results of my research confirms that it actually represents a tunnel evaporated technically by a UFO. The above tunnel once existed near the New Zealand city of Auckland - only that officially (and in my opinion incorrectly) it was called there "Wiri lava cave". Unfortunately, like all UFO tunnels readily available for human inspection, by now this tunnel has been completely destroyed. The above photograph of this tunnel comes from page 8 of an interesting book by Bruce W. Hayward, entitled "Precious Land" (Geological Society Of New Zealand Guidebook Number Twelve, Bush Press Communications Ltd., P.O. Box 33-029, Takapuna 1309, Auckland, New Zealand, 1996, ISBN 0-908678-60-6) - in which the copyright relating to this photograph is also defined. (The author of that book was kind enough to personally grant me permission to show his illustrations in my publications, after adding to them a "disclaimer" which e.g. states that "the views expressed on this page are NOT shared by the owners of the photographs shown here other than mine, even if the owners of these photographs have agreed to let me use their photographs. Although the photographs represent the most objective evidence, still the situations they capture can be interpreted in several different ways.") The above photograph I repeat here after #F1 (img.017) from my other web page named Newzealand - on which I described the history and fate of the tunnel documented with it.
To the above it is also worth adding here that the photograph #G3c (Img.017) is NOT the only already available photograph of a fatally existing UFO tunnel evaporated by the spherical complex of these starships, and thus having a shape consistent with the hand-drawn drawing #G3b (Img.016) of the priest from Rabczyce. The current wide spread of camera phones, and various movie cameras, has caused that photos or videos of actual UFO tunnels of this unique shape will be increasingly posted on the Internet.

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