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Img.167 (aus Evil (#G2d)

Img.167 (#G2c): Adolf Hitler. To hide his hair growing upwards, Adolf Hitler typically had himself photographed either wearing a hat or with his hair deliberately straggly, which he carefully straightened from top to bottom before the photo was taken. To hide his butt chin, almost all of his photos are taken either straight on or entirely from the side.

Notice the additional mission fulfilled by Adolf Hitler, and explained in (24) from item #B1. ofmy website Changelings - namely, that the situation he simulated on Earth was used as one of the most perfect confirmations of the old truth that in our world wisely and farsightedly ruled by the all-knowing God, no secret can be masked from people who want to know the truth and are ready to put the required amount of motivation and effort into finding out what is true in a given matter. After all, in such a "world with God", to every immoral action that someone will later try to keep as a "secret", there is always assigned either a random witness (or witnesses), records, testimony, film camera, evidence, etc., which later make it possible to establish the actual truth.

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