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Img.165 from Evil (#G2b)

Img.165 (#G2b): Albert Einstein. In both photos shown here he is captured from such a favorable side that the photos perfectly show these anatomical features characteristic of UFOnauts (beard, hair, eyes, nose, etc.). The propaganda of UFOnauts makes Albert Eintein a kind of "benefactor of humanity". Meanwhile, if one takes the consequences of his "creations" for our civilization under a magnifying glass, then it turns out that they are highly destructive. In fact, Einstein's "theories" have halted and frozen the creative achievements of the physical sciences for at least 50 years. This is because whenever a scientist discovers something bringing actual progress (e.g. particles faster than light, explosion-free transformation of some elements into others, instant telepathic or telekinetic communication, etc.), the UFOnauts secretly pushing humanity down immediately hit that scientist with Einstein's authority like a kind of huge club.

So such a scientist quickly falls silent and no longer has the courage to come out again with his groundbreaking discoveries. In turn, his discoveries are forgotten, because no one promotes them as contradicting Einstein's theorems. I will no longer discuss here the fact that it has become a kind of "scientific taboo" to study anything that contradicts Einstein's theorems. As a result, the entire progress of the physical sciences was literally "suffocated" by Einstein in the second half of the 20th century and in the early 21st century. So to Einstein perfectly applies the statement from the biblical Gospel according to St. Matthew, 7:17, quote: "So every tree that is good - bears good fruit, and a tree that is bad - bears bad fruit." (For a more detailed understanding of the reasons for the harmfulness of the theory of relativity - see also the explanations in item #H3. of the website A. Możajski, and items #J2. und #D5. of the website Pająk to Sejm 2014)

Philosophical justifications of "why?" the consequences of the "theory of relativity" turn out to be highly unfavorable (and even destructive) for our civilization, are presented in item #K1. der totaliztischen Webseite Telekinetische Zelle, and in item #G4. of the totaliztic website Eco cars.

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