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Img.002 from Aliens - #C3; #D1a - Evil)

Img.161 from
Evil (#D1b)

Img.162 (aus Evil (#D1c)

Sequence (#D1abc): Abb.002/ Abb.161/ Abb.162 Photographs which illustrate the different ways in which this bulbous growth with a buttock-like shape can manifest itself on the chins of UFOnauts. In combination with, for example, curly hair (as in Sai Baba) or hair growing upwards on the head, this bulbous growth is one of the most conspicuous anatomical features allowing to distinguish UFOnauts from humans. After all, it typically does NOT appear on the chins of people born on Earth.

Img.002 (#C3) The photograph above shows an old sculpture that reveals the best likeness I know of the actual appearance of the devil/UFOnaut. It was originally published in "The Unexplained" magazine. In turn, its scientific interpretation is contained in the description to Figure N5 in monograph [1/4]. As the above clearly shows, the appearance of the "devil - UFOnaut" in fact is almost indistinguishable from that of a "normal" human. Only a few anatomical details can be used to initially distinguish "devils - UFOnauts" from humans, in spite of the fact that some of them can also appear in humans. Examples of these details allowing to roughly distinguish UFOnauts from people include: (1) eyes in the shape of a triangle standing on its tip (the so-called "Satanic" eyes), (2) eyes in the shape of a triangle standing on its tip (the "Satanic" eyes). satanic), (2) hair either growing naturally upward on the head, or twisted as in the above sculpture, (3) buttock-like chin with a vertical groove, (4) pear-shaped head like a "praying mantis", (5) long nose, tapering like a carrot or curved into a hook, (6) lack of a hanging fold in the ears. In addition, they sometimes get caught using their advanced technical devices, which allow them to, among other things, (a) disappear from view, (b) prevent them from getting hurt, (c) make them lighter, hence allow them to, for example, climb vertical walls and walls, (d) allow them to read our thoughts, (e) allow them to stop bombs and grenades from exploding, etc.

The above photo, as well as details of the anatomy of UFOnauts and the differences in appearance between UFOnauts and humans, are also discussed on several other totalizing web pages listed in the menues, e.g. on the pages Changelings, UFO, Evil, Day 26, Malbork, or Antichrist.

It should also be added here that regardless of the "devil-UFOnauts" of the race shown above with an appearance identical to humans, there are also other races of these evil beings. One particularly ugly one of these other races, looking like a kind of "reptile" with crocodile-like patterns on its skin, is illustrated by numerous photos in Img.060 (#G1) to Img.067 (#G3) from a separate web page about the Milicz church of St.Andrew Bobola.

Img.161 This growth this time is somewhat camouflaged by the unshaven beard. Still, it can be noted if you look closely at the chin - which is especially clear if you click on this photo to see an enlargement.

The photograph of the above portrait of a political dignitary reveals that the atypical for humans anatomical features which characterize creatures once called "devils" while now called "UFOnauts", are also present in some earthly dignitaries and in well-known historical figures. For example, in the portrait of a former Eastern dignitary shown above, one can clearly see these bulbous bulges on the chin. (To get a closer look at this chin, I advise you to click on this photo and view it enlarged.) Unfortunately, this portrait was hanging quite high on the wall when I photographed it from a high angle from the floor level - which is clearly visible from the fragment of the ceiling that was also accidentally captured on it. Therefore, the face and head of this dignitary in the photo were distorted by the angle of the camera and came out almost as if they were tapering upward. On the other hand, in reality on this portrait his head and face were expanding upwards, taking the typical for UFOnauts shape of a "pear" (or rather a "triangular head of a frog" described more comprehensively in item #E1. of the website UFO activities on the Earth) - more or less the same as the head of the "devil" from the previous Img.002 (#D1a).

Abb.162 Since the time when UFOnauts from the future research of their time vehicles realized that the pages of totalizm would indicate these buttock-shaped tubers on their beards as their most important identifying feature, they immediately began to hide this growth by growing beards. Fortunately for us, if this growth is prominent, then even the beard hair does not want to grow evenly on it - and splits into two separate tufts. It is by the existence of this division in the beard growth, and by the formation of the beard into two distinct tufts, that it is still possible to recognize whether a given individual displays the anatomical features of an UFOnaut. To the commonly known figures which have such beards growing in two tufts belong - click on the green letters of their names to see how they looked like: (a) the last of the masters of the Teutonic Order, a certain Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, whose sculpture stands as the last on the right in the row of sculptures of the most important grand masters from the courtyard of the Castle in Malbork - the photo of this sculpture is discussed in more detail in the caption under Img.132 (#M3c) from the web page Day 26, (b) Osama Bin Laden, whose large beard used to clearly bifurcate into two underbeards - but lately (i.e. after the web pages of totalizm spread the knowledge about the anatomy of UFOnauts) this beard is intentionally cut in such a manner that this bifurcation is well hidden, (c) a large proportion of reproductions of the appearance of beings which showed themselves to various people claiming that they are Jesus. (This is because it is known that "devils always pretend that they are someone very good - e.g. angels or even Jesus.") Probably the most famous reproduction of such a being, whose messages to people (and even actions) were clearly satanic, although the being impersonated Jesus, was painted by a Polish nun with a tragic life, St. Faustyna Kowalska (1905 - 1938).

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