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Img.016 (from Aliens (#G3b)

(Image sequence #G3abc): Img.015/ Img.016/ Img.017 Three illustrations which indirectly prove the actual existence under Babia Gora of a UFO tunnel system known there for centuries and used by locals as a hiding place and treasure store. One of the numerous entrances to this system of tunnels once began in a former (old) church from Rabczyce, Slovakia.

Img.016: A hand-drawn drawing by a former priest from Slovak Rabčice of the local UFO tunnel which led to the underground of Babia Góra. This drawing is originally quoted (and described) on page C-88 from treatise [4b], while part of its description is also repeated in item #G4. from my web page named Magnocraft. The correspondence of the rather unique shape of this tunnel with the actual shapes that UFO tunnels can obtain, is this indirect evidence that in fact once in, or by, the old church in Rabczyce there was an entrance to a UFO tunnel having a connection with the system of UFO tunnels under Babia Góra. Notice that in order for the UFO tunnel to have the shape shown in this drawing, it had to have been vaporized in the rock by a so-called "spherical complex" of two K3-type UFO vehicles, magnetically coupled to each other with their floors, and flying in a direction from east to west with their floors almost vertically aligned - for an explanation of "why" see descriptions and illustrations from item #C9.1. of another of my web pages named UFO proof.

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