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Img.159 from Evil (#B1)/ (#E1) - UFOs

Img.159 (#B1): Illustrative proof that on Earth it is "simulated" that humanity did not originate from Earth at all, but was brought to Earth from another planet. (A formal scientific proof carried out by methods of mathematical logic and stating that "God created the first pair of people" was published in item #B6.2. of the web page Evolution. In turn, part #F of that web page about evolution describes some of the long list of evidence for God's "simulation" of bringing humanity to Earth from the planet Terra in the Vega system).

The photo above shows a human shoe print that is already about 550 million years old. Why and how this imprint was formed on Earth before any developed life forms settled on it is explained on this website Evil, as well as, among others, in subsections A3 and V3 from (respectively) volumes 1 and 16 of monograph [1/4] (especially worth noting there the alternative history and actual fate of the human race). To summarize in a few sentences the explanations presented there, according to UFO research, humanity did not originate from Earth at all, but from the now-defunct huge planet called "Terra" which hundreds of millions of years ago existed somewhere in the Vega system of the Lute star constellation. It was on Terra that a god carried out the evolution of man. The planet Terra had a gravity more than 4 times that of Earth. These people from the planet Terra about 550 million years ago developed life on Earth to eventually establish a human colony here. It was the shoe prints of these first Terra scientists spreading life on Earth that are shown in the photo above. Independently of Earth, the Terran people also spread life and the human race to many other planets. So when they blew up their planet in a devastating war, these human colonies on other planets survived. Unfortunately, several of these colonies degenerated morally and began to lead the lives of "space bandits and highwaymen" who have enormously advanced knowledge and technology, but whose morals are completely rotten. This confederation of robber relatives of humans with time took control of the Earth and now ruthlessly, although in an invisible way for people, it exploits and destroys humanity. We now know them under the name "UFOnauts." However, because of their immoral behavior, deceitfulness, explosiveness, malice, savage cruelty, and hostility to God, the Bible, as well as ancient people, call them "devils," "serpents," "dragons," etc.

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