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Abb.154 from UFO activities on the Earth (#C1a)

Abb.155 from UFO activities on the Earth - #C1b)

Img.123 from Day 26 (#D8 - Day 26/ #C1c - UFO activities on the Earth)

Sequence (#C1abc): Img.154/ Img.155/ Img.123 Examples of three authentic photographs of a UFO vehicle of the same type K7. According to the evidence described in subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced Magnetic Devices" (made available free of charge via this web page), it was just such a UFO vehicle of K7 type called "Eden" that was used by UFOnauts to bring to Earth the first pair of humans - i.e. Adam and Eve. However, it should be emphasized here that UFOnauts-subversives (secretly operating on Earth) hailed each of the above authentic photographs of UFOs of K7 type as "fabrications". Originally, the above photographs are "Fig. P26" and "Fig. S1" from volumes 13 and 14, respectively, of monograph [1/4] entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices".

Abb.154 One frame from a long series of daytime photographs of K7-type UFOs taken by an anonymous person using the pseudonym "Doe." over San Jose de Valderas (Spain) at about 8:30 in the afternoon on June 1, 1966 - see page 159 of the book referenced in monograph [1/4] at [1P2] (by Adolf Schneider, Hubert Malthaner: "Das Geheimnis der unbeakannten Flugobjekte", means "The secret of the unidentified flying objects", Hermann Bauer Verlag KG - Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 1976, ISBN 3 7626 0197 6). This photograph (a) and photograph (b) both show the same spherical complex of two K7-type UFOs magnetically coupled together by floors. Both series of photographs (shown here in parts "a" and "b") were taken when one of the Spanish UFO groups received a strange anonymous phone call informing them that a UFO vehicle would appear in that day and place. Two participants of this group, i.e. this "Doe" and also a certain "Antonio Pardo", thus took their cameras to that place and took the photos shown above. Unfortunately, the UFO crew expected to be photographed, so they flew over there in the state of the so-called "magnetic lens" - when the UFO vehicle is almost invisible and heavily distorted. This is why the outlines of both UFO vehicles are distorted by the action of this strong "magnetic lens." The areas most affected by this lens are near the UFO thrusters. Thus, the flanges occupied by the side propulsors are only partially visible, while the spherical domes that cover the ceilings of both crew cabins have almost completely disappeared. The UFO photographed here also had a kind of landing skids (visible in the photo) which look similar to the landing skids in today's helicopters. In the high-quality prints of this photo, one can distinguish the fine line outline of the upper dome covering the main propulsor and positioned on top of the upper vehicle.

Another photograph from the same long series shown above in Img.154. (#C1a) and taken anonymously by someone named "Doe", is also discussed comprehensively in item #L1. der Webseite UFO activities on the Earth. In that item #L1 it was explained how UFOnauts-changelings used the authority of official science to label the photographs shown here as "fabrications". In fact, it appears that UFOnauts intentionally let their vehicle be photographed in Spain in order to later be able to mock UFOlogists and spread around the world through scientific authorities that the photographs of this UFO vehicle were faked.

Img.155 One frame from another series of photos of the same Spanish K7-type UFO vehicle photographed above San Jose de Valderas (Spain) around 8:30 in the afternoon on June 1, 1966. The photos of this series were taken by a certain Antonio Pardo. Because they were taken from a different location than the photos in part (a), the background (scrubland) on which this UFO is visible looks slightly different.

Img.123 The documentary value of the UFO photographs from parts (a) and (b) is increased all the more by the fact that the same UFO vehicle was photographed from two different locations by two independent photographers. Moreover, each of the photographs shown here belongs to a whole series of them, so that the actual existence in the same UFO of fragments of its shell made invisible by the magnetic lens can be confirmed by analyzing other photographs from the same series.

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