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Img.153 from UFO-activities on the Earth (#B3.1b)/ (#F2a) - Magnocraft

Img.153 (#B3.1b): The appearance of a four-propulsor UFO of the first generation. It was just such a UFO vehicle that on September 12, 2006 flew over New Zealand in a highly spectacular manner and with a deafening bang. Such a vehicle resembles a kind of flying motorhome, or cube, with a pointed roof and four barrel-shaped propellers at each corner. Columns of an immensely concentrated magnetic field, black in appearance, spread from these thrusters down to the ground. It is this magnetic field that has the ability to suck dust and organic fragments from the ground, forming from them a layer of "layered carbon" at the inlets to the north "N" poles of each of the vehicle's propulsors. This layered carbon with the elapse of time falls off from these propulsors in patches or pieces similar in appearance to the one shown in the Abb.152 (#B3.1a).

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