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Img.015 (from Aliens (#G3a)

(Image sequence #G3abc): Img.015/ Img.016/ Img.017 Three illustrations which indirectly prove the actual existence under Babia Gora of a UFO tunnel system known there for centuries and used by locals as a hiding place and treasure store. One of the numerous entrances to this system of tunnels once began in a former (old) church from Rabczyce, Slovakia.

Img.015: Here is an illustration which is one of the products of my already long-standing cooperation with the graphically talented Dominik Myrcik - co-author also of some of the videos on the subject of the results of my research, launched from the page named Videos. (I programmed the videos from the page "Videos" mainly for their viewing on a "smart" TV set made by "LG", although they can also be viewed on a PC. The purpose of the above illustration was to show and highlight the most important features of tunnels of the shapes shown above in parts "a" (img.015) and "c" (img.017), and given to underground tunnels due to the unique operation of the magnetic starship propulsion system - i.e. the propulsion system used by my Magnocraft and by UFO vehicles.

The characteristics of these tunnels are already described in more detail in items #G3. and #G4. and in Img.361 (#G3a) (bottom)" from another of my web pages named Magnocraft - so I will NOT repeat them here.

The only thing that I would like to emphasize here, is that the perfect correspondence of the shapes and attributes of the tunnels shown on the above illustrations "a" (img.015) and "c" (img.017), with the shape and attributes of the tunnel "b" (img.016) drawn by a former priest from Slovak Rabczyce (in the old and no longer existing church of which Rabczyce once supposedly existed the entrance to this tunnel), is one of the more evidential and significant premises, that the UFO tunnel leading from the church of Rabczyce to the underground of Babia Góra, in fact once existed, while its shape even relatively recently was remembered and described by the initiated inhabitants of Rabczyce. (It would be interesting to know whether the builders of the new church in Rabczyce also hid the entrance to this tunnel, while the clue where to look for this entrance they encoded in the figure of the local "devil"?)

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