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Img.145 from Eco cars (#D4a)

Abb.146 (aus. Eco cars - #D4b)

Sequence (#D4ab): Img.145/ Img.146 An illustration documenting the correspondence between the appearance of the oscillation chamber observed on board the UFO vehicle and the predicted appearance of the oscillation chamber built on Earth.

Img.145 Drawing of an oscillation chamber observed in a UFO. This transparent cubic cube circulated by sheaves of flickering electric sparks looking like frozen lightning, was observed on board a UFO by Robert Luc (compare this Img.142 (#D3a) with Img.143 (#D3b) showing the predicted appearance of the oscillatory chamber of the first generation). The above drawing and its description were reproduced from the book [2S1.4] by Raymond E. Fowler, "The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two" (Prentice Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632, USA, 1982, ISBN 0 13 036624 2), page 70, by personal permission of Betty A. Luca, copyright holder. It shows the external oscillation chamber used in the main propulsor of this UFO. This drawing introduces a breakthrough in our certainty of the principles of operation of the devices described in chapter C of monograph [1/4]. This is because not only through a direct eyewitness account it confirms that oscillatory chambers are already used in UFOs, but also proves that our intentions to build an oscillatory chamber are justified and certain of final success.

Here is quoting the description of this device given by Robert Luca: "Then there is this cube on the other side behind this bulge in the floor and after I stand up I can look at it. It looks like a cubic box made of glass and it fascinates me because it's filled with a kind of black smoke. At the same time it looks like it contains lightning in its interior or something golden. It resembles gold filaments interwoven through it - shiny bright gold. It is cube-shaped, perhaps one yard wide. No, it's less than three feet and contains all these lightning bolts inside it. It is all black with these gold veins circling it. It looks as if the lightning was frozen in its flight."

Img.146 The expected side appearance of the first-generation cube-shaped oscillation chamber. Oscillatory chambers will take the inconspicuous form of a glass cube or crystal rod. Their cross-section, and thus their external shape, will depend on the generation to which the chamber belongs. The chambers of the so-called "first generation" will have a square cross-section. In turn, the chambers of the so-called "second generation" will have an octagonal cross-section, while the chambers of the "third generation" will be - sixteen-sided. Bands of bright, zigzagging, flickering sparks of golden color will run horizontally around the inner perimeter of their side walls. These sparks will be as if frozen in the same positions, although from time to time they will abruptly move their course like a bunch of snakes wrapped around their prey. Hence, a functioning oscillatory chamber will give the impression of a crystal packed with living energy, or even some kind of being busy with mysterious life activities.

Depending on the generation of the chamber, the sparks zigzagging in it will look slightly different. In first-generation chambers, the sparks will be uneven in diameter - some very thick while others very thin, oriented quite chaotically, sometimes splitting, imprecisely layered, and looking as if made by hand by a poor blacksmith. In the second-generation chambers, they will already be of uniform thickness as if made by a watchmaker on an accurate machine, albeit still sometimes overlapping. In the third-generation chambers, on the other hand, they will be of even thickness, ordered side by side, and looking as if someone had precisely wound them around the inside of the chamber. The dashed lines mark the course of the column of magnetic field produced by this chamber. This column extends along the magnetic axis "m" of this chamber. If the chamber is viewed from a direction perpendicular to the force lines of this field (i.e. exactly as shown in the above drawing) then these columns of the field will intercept light and thus should be seen by the unaided eye as so-called "black beams" spreading from the chamber. "black beams" spreading from the chamber in both directions and reflecting its cross-section - see descriptions of such "black beams" presented in subsection F10.4 of monograph [1/4], as well as on the website UFO proof - about the formal scientific proof documenting that "UFOs exist".

The field should also make the inside of the chambers opaque. Hence, viewed from the side, the chamber should look as if filled with black smoke. However, when viewed along the lines of force of the magnetic field, the clearance through it should be transparent - with the exception of cases shown in Abb.145 (#D4) - when the chamber in question bends the so-called "circulating flux" generated in the "twin-chamber capsule".
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