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Img.144 from Eco cars (#D3c)/ (#H3c) - UFOproof

Img.144 (#D3c) Here is a photograph of another "thangka" originally derived from Buddhist monks from Tibet. From this photograph it is relatively clear that this drawing is actually a technical drawing of a device of the oscillatory chamber type, very similar to the device from part (a) of this illustration "Fig. #D3". For some reason, however, this technical drawing was given a religious interpretation. Probably both "thangka" drawings shown here show constructional details of the same "oscillatory chamber", only that the above drawing shows as many as two chambers, placed one inside the other, i.e. coupled together into a configuration called a "twin-chamber capsule" - which capsule is shown in Img.147 (#D5a) dargestellt. Das "Thangka" aus Img.142 (#D3a) shows the operation of only a single oscillatory chamber, i.e. it does NOT contain this second inner chamber.

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