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Img.014 (from Aliens - #G2c)

(Image sequence #G2abc): Img.012/ Img.013/ Img.014/ Here are three telling photos. They represent the first photographic evidence revealing to us "what is actually going on" in Wylatow, England, and in other places on Earth where "crop circles" are repetitively formed.

Img.014: It shows the same garage and the same group of people as the photo Img.013 (#G2b"), only that it was snapped a moment later (i.e. about a minute or two later). As you can see from it, what caused the effects captured in the Img.013 (#G2b), in this Img.014 (#G2c) has already completely disappeared. (I.e. the squadron of UFOnauts that previously flew through this garage has already reached their UFO vehicles parked in caves deep under this place). Nevertheless, it is worth noting here that since the path of UFOnauts to their UFO vehicles parked underground passes either through this garage or near it, photographs like the one shown on this page can be accidentally taken there much more often than in other areas of Poland.

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