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Img.134 (aus Day 26 (#P1)

Img.134 (#P1): Here is the appearance of a portion of the rim of the 1-kilometer-long so-called "Tapanui crater", i.e. the place in New Zealand where in 1178 a UFO vehicle explosion was "simulated", only that of a larger K6 type. As explained in (5) from item #D4. der Webseite Day 26, a similar 1-kilometer-long crater completely devoid of life is located underwater at the epicenter of the tsunami described here. That Tapanui UFO explosion wrought massive destruction on the entire planet. For example, the tsunami induced by it destroyed the ancient city of Salamis located in Cyprus. In turn, a tsunami induced in the Baltic Sea by this explosion destroyed the legendary island-city of Wineta. Still another tsunami coming from the Atlantic only in one European province "Shlezwig-Holstain" killed several hundred thousand people. And it should be remembered that Tapanui is located on the opposite side of the world from Europe.

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