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Img.132 (aus Day 26 - #M3c)

Img.132: Here are the statues of the most important "Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order" on display at Malbork Castle. Note the master in this photo visible in the last position on the right. This was Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, liquidator of the Teutonic Order. He was immensely foresighted in his every move, as if he knew the future. For example, it was he who in 1525 turned the Teutonic Order into the Duchy of Prussia, from which Hitler's Germany grew in time. It was also he who undermined the influence of the Catholic Church with his principality by officially converting to Lutheranism and causing all his subjects to convert as well. What is interesting in the above photo, however, is his beard. This is because in such a form of branching, two like distinct beards, the beard grows only in those who have this buttock shaped chin, so clearly visible on the Img.002 (#M2). In turn, having such a buttock-shaped chin usually means that its owner is a simulated UFOnaut, not a human. Could it be, then, that the last of the Teutonic masters, the first prince of Prussia, and the actual founder of aggressive Prussia was a UFOnaut? After all, according to what is explained on the "genocide" website, a UFOnaut was also Romulus - that is, the founder of ancient Rome. It is also worth noting the unusual shape of the shoes of this first Prussian prince. Could it be that his feet were also slightly different than those of normal people?
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