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Img.131 from Day 26 (#L4b)

Img.131 (#L4): The above drawing illustrates the shape of the footprint that would be lined in the grain by two magnetically propelled vehicles called K6-type Magnocrafts - coupled together to form a so-called "flying cluster" with the shape and features shown and explained in Img.031 (F13) on the website volume 2 of my newest Monograph [1/5]. Since in chapter P from volume 14 of that monograph [1/5] it was also formally proven that "UFOs are already built Magnocrafts", the formation of such a trace by Magnocrafts means that the trace shown above in Img.130 was actually lined up in the grain by just such a "flying cluster" coupled to a UFO of K6 type. It is also worth adding here that depending on the height at which the vehicle hovers above the grain, some elements of the above trace, such as the lining (3) from the expanding magnetic circuits, may disappear.

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