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Img.013 (from Aliens - #G2b)

(Image sequence #G2abc): Img.012/ Img.013/ Img.014 Here are three telling photos. They represent the first photographic evidence revealing to us "what is actually going on" in Wylatow, England, and in other places on Earth where "crop circles" are repetitively formed. To view each of the above photos in more detail, first click on them to enlarge them.

Img.013 (#G2b): It is a unique piece of evidence illustrating two effects induced by the telekinetic personal propulsion system of a group of UFOnauts descending headlong into the underground beneath this garage. The first of these effects is the distortion of shapes caused by the action of the "magnetic lens" formed by the complex field of their personal drives. The second effect is the emission of a strong "absorption glow". This "extraction glow", moreover, reveals the shapes of the UFOnauts who emitted it. Only that these UFOnauts flew down with their heads pointing downwards. Thus, in order to see them on this photograph one needs to rotate the photograph by 180 degrees. For example, the head and back of one of these UFOnauts can be seen under the inscription "Torun" visible on this photograph (actually this inscription is located just under the right shoulder blade of the UFOnaut flying down with his head). In turn, the hand (with a five-fingered palm) of another UFOnaut, covered with a bluish glow of absorption, is visible below the letter "G" of the inscription "iRG", while distant from this letter by the length of the entire inscription "iRG Torun". For more information about the "absorption glow" and the "magnetic lens" see subsections L2 and F10.3 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 3 of monograph [1/4].

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