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Img.129 from Day 26 (#L3)/ (#1) - Wszewilki tomorrow

Img.129 (#L3): The above photograph for me personally is a symbol of how uninformed (if not intentionally misled) people on Earth are today. This is because this photograph shows an underground "tunnel" which, after the "collapse" of the WTC buildings in New York, appeared in the place where once existed one of these buildings - namely the one in which NO airplane hit. In what strange way, then, did this building have to "collapse" in order to leave behind a tunnel in the ground, instead of a mountain of rubble? Unless it didn't collapse by itself, but was evaporated by something in a way that "simulated" evaporation by a UFO vehicle invisible to human eyes, while its vapors escaped into the air in the form of such a puzzling cloud of condensed vapors of the building, which vapors were captured even on film by television cameras. In such a case (of evaporation of the WTC buildings in a manner that "simulated" the action of the invisible to human eyes UFO vehicle), there would in fact be just a tunnel left in the ground - like the one shown on the above photograph.

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