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Img.128 from Day 26 (#L2)/ (#2) - Wszewilki tomorrow

Img.128 The philosophy of totalizm teaches that tolerance can also be a sin. Especially when blindness and ignorance in UFO matters is tolerated, for which we later come to pay with our human lives. The photograph above shows an underground tunnel called "Deer Cave," the interior of which has been simulated as if it had been vaporized into rock by a UFO. Unfortunately, however, almost no one knows about its origin from a UFO. Meanwhile, if people knew that UFOs are able to evaporate glassy tunnels in rock, if our orthodox scientists knew the mechanics of how UFOs evaporate such underground tunnels, and if more people saw these UFO tunnels with their own eyes, then many disasters on Earth could be prevented. For example, the WTC buildings in New York City - see Img.129 (#L3) - could NOT then have been so vaporized as if an invisible UFO vehicle had tunneled along their axis. After all, in such a case everyone would know that these WTC buildings are collapsed as if they were evaporated by an invisible UFO vehicle. More information about the mechanism of evaporation of WTC buildings by invisible UFOs is contained in subsection V8.1 from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page discussing the simulated evaporation of WTCs by UFOs. In turn, more information on the "Deer Cave" from Northern Borneo, shown above, is contained in subsection V8.1. von volume 17 of my newest Monograph [1/5].

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