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Img.127 from Day 26 (#L1)/ (#1) - Time vehicle

Img.127: Here is a photo which, to the ignorant, does not present anything interesting. Just two white spots against a dark sky. But if one knows what to pay attention to in it, then it literally begins to fascinate. For example, it is one of the objective photographic evidences for the fact that UFOnauts really do exist, or more precisely that their existence is repetitively simulated by God, and that they have technical devices about which our earthly scientists have not even dreamed yet. Many of these unknown to people devices, for example spaceships propelled by magnetic fields, or time vehicles, are described in my newest Monograph [1/5]. The above photograph is also an extremely rare photographic evidence of the fact that UFOnauts have already mastered time travel. For example, if someone looks at it carefully, then he or she will notice that exactly the same UFO vehicle was captured on it in as many as two places at once. This in turn means that this vehicle has the ability to stop the passage of time - which is one of the basic abilities of time vehicles. After all, the basic abilities of time vehicles include, among others, the ability to (1) slow down the natural speed of the passage of time, (2) stop the passage of time, (3) move time backward, and (4) jump time forward to suddenly find oneself in the future. (For more information on the principle of operation and characteristics of time vehicles, see subsections M1. und M2. and also see H9.1. of the newest Monograph [1/5]. In turn, a description of the above photograph is provided in the caption under Img.171 (T1) in the monograph [1/5], as well as on a number of websites about the phenomenon of technical telekinesis).

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