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Img.125 from Day 26 (#I3a)

Img.126 from Day 26 (#I3b)

Sequence #I3ab): Img.125/ Img.126 A photo documentation of one of these "windows in the sky" of the shape of elongated ellipses, which repetitively open above the town of Petone in which I live since 2001. The above "elliptical window in the sky" appeared above Petone on Friday, 23 March 2012, during the calming down phase of the three-day destructive storm which on 20 to 22 March 2012 caused a "rumbling" of the greater part of the North Island of New Zealand, and which is described in (15) from item #I3. of the website Day 26. However, "windows" similar to it I saw earlier as many as several times over Petone - always with curiosity analyzing their features and wondering how I could document them photographically without using an airplane. Apart from Petone, I have NOT seen such precise "elliptical windows in the sky" in any other place on Earth. (Click on any of the above photos to see them enlarged, or to move them to another location on the screen.)

The repetitive appearance above Petone of such "windows in the sky" with smooth edges and shaped like elongated ellipses, can NOT be scientifically explained by any known atmospheric phenomenon. "Windows" are in fact shaped like elongated ellipses (and NOT round circles). Their centers of symmetry are always permanently embedded as if above my apartment. (Because my apartment is located near the beach, only the larger half of them extends exactly over the buildings of Petone, while the smaller half overlooks the Petone beach and over the Petone part of the sea bay). They also never extend over any other village adjacent to Petone. Furthermore, their edges are relatively smooth, looking as if someone precisely cut them. They do NOT drift with the wind at all - as the layer of clouds in which they are formed does, but simply hang motionless above Petone until they fade away. In turn, when they fade away, simply throughout them, on the previously blue sky, denser and denser clouds suddenly begin to condense. Thus, after a short time, these clouds simply cease to be distinguishable from the cloud layer in which a given "window" was previously formed.

The only atmospheric phenomena that I know of that also form similar, only that "round", "windows in the sky", are the so-called "eyes of cyclones". Namely, in the very centers of the swirling weather formations called "cyclones," there is always one perfectly circular "window" in which the weather is typically quiet and beautiful. However, such "eyes of cyclones" exhibit as many as several characteristics that differ significantly from the characteristics of those "windows in the sky" above Petone shaped like elongated perfect ellipses. Namely, they are always circular, NOT elliptical. In addition, they are permanent and drift along with a given cyclone, and do NOT (as in Petone) appear only as motionless temporary formations "anchored" in the midst of moving clouds, and then disappear after about an hour of time by condensing the clouds within them.

Img.125 A photograph of the southern end of the elongated ellipse of the "window in the sky" described here. It reveals how perfectly elliptical these "windows" are, and how they form a kind of stationary tunnel in an almost ground-reaching and moving layer of dense clouds. For example, in the right part of this photo a view of the city of Wellington - which on sunny days is perfectly visible from this point of the Peton beach - should be captured, but this layer of clouds reaching down to the ground has completely hidden the city. (The town of Welligton is partially visible in the photograph Img.097 (#C1) of the website UFOs behind clouds - which was also taken approximately from the same spot of Petone beach, and in approximately the same direction as the above photograph). Notice that even the course of the sea waves captured in this photo is significantly different from typical. (Typically, sea waves always have their crests aligned parallel to the beach shoreline.)

Img.126 The northern end of the elongated ellipse of the "eye in the sky" described here. This end was photographed from the same spot of Peton beach as its southern end shown in the photograph Img.125 (#I3a). Only that in order to capture it, after taking the photograph Img.125 (#I3a) with the camera pointed towards the south, I turned around 180 degrees and snapped the above photograph Img.126 (#I3b) with the camera pointed towards the north. (Unfortunately, I do NOT have at my disposal a helicopter, an airplane, or a satellite to capture this ellipse in an aerial view and to document its perfectly elliptical shape and the precision with which it opened exactly over Petone). The shape and size of this ellipse reveal that it was formed in such a way that the sun shining through it cast its rays exclusively on the town of Petone. No other neighboring town of Petone was included in the scope of this "window in the sky". In turn, this fact, in my opinion, represents the manner in which God subtly lets the inhabitants of Petone know that so far their locality enjoys an extremely rare "special treatment", and that this treatment can be continued - if Petone as a whole puts effort into fulfilling the moral requirements imposed by God. Therefore, in my opinion, the residents of Petone really have a lot to lose if they remain passive with regard to ventures of the kind described in article [5#I3(13)] above, or described in article [5#I3(15)] with the title "Tabacco deal turns Petone into the big smoke" (i.e. "Tobacco deal turns Petone into the big smoke") from page A1 of The Dominion Post newspaper, issue of Monday, March 26, 2012. (The latter article [5#I3(15)] was later covered by a reader letter published under the title [6#I3(15)] "Imperial Tobacco expansion is bad news". "Imperial Tobacco factory expansion is bad news") on page B4 of The Dominion Post newspaper, issue of Thursday, March 29, 2012. This reader calculated in his letter that each new worker employed there in cigarette production will cause the deaths of 15 people in New Zealand and will cost New Zealand $5.4 million in lost medical costs of treating smoking-related diseases).

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