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Img.123 from Day 26 (#D8)

Img.123 Authentic photograph of a K7-type UFO vehicle. So far, a huge number of such authentic UFO photographs and even authentic moving UFO films have already been collected in the world (e.g. see the famous New Zealand "Kaikoura UFO film" of December 31, 1979). In addition, a huge amount of various other evidence has also been accumulated which confirms the objective existence of UFOs. Also, in spite of the fact that a number of scientists with particularly limited worldviews repetitively tried to prove that this entire body of evidence for the existence of UFOs is a "fabrication" of dishonest people, proving this alleged "fabrication" turned out to be impossible - e.g. see the page Memorial. Therefore, this already accumulated evidence made possible the development of a formal scientific proof for the objective existence of UFOs - which proof is discussed on the totaliztic web page UFO proof. In turn proving the fact of objective existence of UFOs reveals to us, that a large number of every more significant events on Earth is so designed by the "corrective intelligence" which manages these events, that they have as many as 3 different explanations. Namely, every such event is actually (1) caused by this "corrective intelligence" described in item #J1. of the website Day 26. Simultaneously, however, every such event is also (2) "simulated" as "arising naturally" as a result of the operation of the "laws of nature". Furthermore, every such event is also (3) so "simulated" as if it was secretly caused by advanced UFO technology. In turn, the existence of these 3 different explanations for all more important events inspires in people a fierce clash of views and an intensification of the search for truth - the result of which is always a progress of knowledge and an increase of awareness in people.

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