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Img.122 from Day 26 (#D6)

Img.122 (#D6): A photograph of a K3-type UFO taken in Japan. It illustrates the channelling of light along a beam of force lines of the magnetic field of this UFO. Just as light energy travels in a channel formed from the magnetic field of this UFO, after such a UFO explodes, the energy of the explosion would also spread along the flash of magnetic disturbance. As a result, this energy arrives at the piers carried by as many as two carriers, namely through (1) the magnetic carrier, and mechanically through (2) the hydraulic carrier.

More information about the above photo is presented in the caption to Img.223 (P17) in volume 14 of the Monograph [1/5] and in the caption for Img.122 (#3) on the website Memorial.

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