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Img.120 (from Day 26 (#D4)/ (#9a) - Propulsion/ (#12a) - Tapanui/ (#C1a) - UFO proof

Img.593 from Tapanui (#12b)

Img.121 (from Day 26 (#D5)/ (#9b - Propulsion)/ (#13) - Tapanui/ (#C1b) - UFO proof

Img.120 Here is a photo of the smallest UFO vehicle whose explosion was simulated on December 26, 2004 as the cause of the deadly Sumatra tsunami..

This smallest UFO vehicle is called the K3 type - it is also shown and explained in the Monograph [1/5] like Img.120 (P1c). (Its name "K3" derives from the fact that the "multiplicity" factor for this UFO, i.e. the ratio of its overall diameter "D" to its overall height "H", K=D/H, for this particular type of UFO is exactly K = 4.38/1.46 = 3.) All simulations of UFO vehicles are made so that it appears that the power and technical attributes of these vehicles are used precisely to cause harm to people. For example, it was the explosion of a UFO vehicle of the K3 type, identical to the one shown in the above photograph, that was simulated on December 26, 2004, to cause that deadly tsunami from the Indian Ocean. That it was the simulated esplanade of this type of UFO that caused this tragic tsunami is evidenced by a number of features discussed on this page. An example of these features may be the fact that this tsunami consisted of 9 waves, that is, a number which exactly corresponds to the number of 9 energy-discharged propulsors which are mounted in this K3 type UFO. More information about the K3 type of UFO vehicles, as well as more photos of individual UFO types, can be found in volume 14 of my newest Monograph [1/5]).

Img.693 (#12b) Photographs of the smallest UFO vehicle type K3. For reasons explained comprehensively on the web page about the origins of evil on the Earth, owners of UFO vehicles continually hide from people. Therefore a clear photograph of a UFO vehicle, like the one above, is an extreme rarity.

Img.121 (#D5): Here is the exact appearance of the K3 type of Earth's magnetic propulsion ship called the Magnocraft. However, a formal scientific proof was developed which showed that such an earthly "magnocraft type K3", must obey a set of specific laws of physics and mathematical dependencies which result from these laws, and thus in spite of the fact that it was invented on Earth, it still must have the exact appearance and shape of a "UFO vehicle type K3". Therefore, the above drawing also reveals how exactly looks like a UFO type K3, whose simulated explosion on December 26, 2004, caused the tragic tsunami described here. For comparing the shape of the above Magnocraft with the shape of UFO type K3, compare the above drawing with the photograph of the UFO from Img.120 (#D4) (remembering, however, that in the above drawing the Magnocraft's shell is transparent, while in this photograph the same UFO shell reflects light like a mirror). A UFO of the K3 type has the shape of an upside-down saucer. In its center, as well as around its periphery, are contained spherical propulsors charged to the brim with magnetic energy. In the figure above, these propulsors are visualized as spheres, with cubic so-called "oscillation chambers" contained in their center. In total, a UFO of the K3 type has 9 such spherical propulsors. Of these 9 propulsors, one "main propulsor" mounted in the center of the vehicle is 8 times larger than the other 8 "side propulsors" mounted around the periphery of this spacecraft.

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