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Img.012 (from Aliens - #G2a)

(Image sequence #G2abc): Img.012/ Img.013/ Img.014 Here are three telling photos. They represent the first photographic evidence revealing to us "what is actually going on" in Wylatow, England, and in other places on Earth where "crop circles" are repetitively formed.

Img.012: It actually comes from treatise [4c] in which it is discussed in subsection C8 as photo Z_C8_3. It shows a group of UFOnauts invisible to human eyes captured on a black and white film. These UFOnauts remain invisible to people, because their personal propulsion system operates in a "state of telekinetic flickering" invisible to the naked human eye (and moreover, at the time of taking this photograph, night was just around). But their presence betrays the strong so-called "absorption glow" emitted in this state, which can be captured on the film of a high-speed camera. The main reason why I show this photograph here, is to reveal how the complex course of force lines of a set of powerful magnetic fields generated by the personal propulsion system of a whole group of UFOnauts bends the light distorting the shapes captured on the film. A similar distortion of shapes caused by the bending of light by a group of flying UFOnauts is clearly visible on the next photograph Img.013 (#G2b).

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