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Img.112 (from UFOs behind clouds (#E2)

Img.112 (#E2): Here is a video of a Kazakhstani black ring formed by a K8-type UFO vehicle invisible to human eyes (because it is surrounded by a so-called "magnetic lens"). The above UFO was filmed around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, on Friday, April 3, 2015, probably by someone named Bill Volk from the village of Shortandy located about 70 kilometers north of the Kazakh capital Astana. (Unambiguous information about who is the author of this video I have NOT found anywhere so far - which is a highly advantageous situation, because vindictive UFOnauts will also NOT be able to find him and e.g. shift him back in time to invalidate this video, as I explain it, among other things, in item Punkt #C2. of my website Memorial, or, even worse - e.g. put him to death). The diameter of the black ring captured on the above video was estimated to be about 100 meters. This ring hovered motionless at a height of about 200 meters above the ground, while it was visible for about 15 minutes. Although, according to the need to hide their incompetence and according to the resulting habit of constantly lying to humanity - as explained in item #C4.7. of my website Morality, professional scientists immediately exclaimed with a unanimous chorus that it was just a "smoke ring", local observers did NOT notice any smell of smoke or burning - see the photo and descriptions from locals in kazakhstan alarmed by appearance of strange black smoke ring. Fortunately for the truth, there is already a well-developed theory of my invented magnetic-powered starship on Earth, called the Magnocraft - the one whose excellent animation is shown in a complimentary video - Dr. Jan Pająk Portfolio described in item #K5. of the website UFOs behind clouds. The construction and operation of the Magnocraft I personally invented on the basis of the "propulsion" counterpart to the "Periodic Table of Elements" which I discovered in 1972 - which equivalent I called the "Periodic Table in the Development of Earth Propulsion Systems", and which I showed and discussed, among others, in item Punkt #B1. and in Table #B1 of the web page named Propulsion. (This my "Table of Cyclicality in the Development of Earth Propulsion" allowed me later to develop also the "Table of Cyclicality for Epochs in the History of Mankind" - which I show and discuss, among others, as Table K1 from my web page named Tapanui and as Table A1 from my web page named humanity_en.htm). After fine-tuning the construction and operation of my Magnocraft, it turned out (and I was even able to formally prove using the scientific methodology of "comparing attributes") that "UFO vehicles are my Magnocrafts already built by someone else". My "Magnocraft Theory" is already developed enough to allow me to understand and to accurately interpret practically all phenomena induced by UFO vehicles - for examples of such interpretations, view my different page named Interpretation UFO photographs, or review subsection P2. in my newest Monograph [1/5]. It is this "Theory of the Magnocraft" that allows us to explain about the above video everything that I described in item #E2. of the website UFOsbehind clouds.

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