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Img.111 (from UFOs behind clouds (#E1)

Img.111 (#E1) An example of a "cloud-UFO" with a very telling shape, almost identical to that of a large K7-type UFO combined in a "zigzag" with a K6-type UFO half its size. (Click on the above photo to view it enlarged.) In May 2005, a photo of this cloud with its description was available on the website aetheronline.com/mario/AIG/2001/somethin.htm. It was photographed on June 19, 2001. Its shape very faithfully corresponds to that of a K7-type UFO flying upright. Under the side thruster at the bottom right of this large K7-type UFO, a smaller K6-type UFO vehicle oriented in the hovering position is suspended halfway from it. The water vapor generated technologically by the smaller K6-type UFO vehicle has slightly different physical parameters from the water vapor generated by the larger K7-type vehicle. Therefore, the rays of the sun illuminating this water vapor give it two different shades of pinkish color. This in turn makes it possible to distinguish which cloud of steam is generated by which of the two UFO vehicles. Notice also that the thin layer of water vapor that covers both of these UFO vehicles from the sight of people has been slightly deformed by the wind. Thus, the shape of this "cloud-UFO" is somewhat jagged compared to the true shapes of the two UFO vehicles hiding in it.

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