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Img.001 (from Aliens - #C2)

Photo of a UFOnaut sitting among people and pretending that he is one of us. His personal propulsion system operates in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering." This state caused, among other things, that his head on the photograph was captured at the moment of time when another pulse of this flicker makes it transparent.

This photo was taken many years ago by a professional photographer. It can be seen very well from its colors which are typical of the old "ORWO color photography technology" still produced by East Germany, while in the times preceding the unification of Germany used extensively by communist countries (i.e. these colors are NOT at all typical of the "Kodak-Color" technology used in film processing until today). Furthermore, this photograph shows the interior of one of the former research laboratories which also certifies its "antiquity". In fact, this "antiquity" is perfectly visible from the appearance of the computer equipment which is located in this laboratory. Thus, this photograph originates still from times when people did NOT have present computerized tools for fabrication of photographs. Also the "transparency" of the UFOnaut from this photograph displays features which decree that it could NOT have been created e.g. by some accident or film errors. Therefore, if for this photograph one would carry out a logical analysis similar to the one provided in item #D1. on the web page Aliens, then one can state with certainty that the authenticity of this photograph does not raise any doubts. Clearly, then, in this laboratory the UFOnaut pretends that he is one of the Earth's scientists. Probably it is "earth scientists" like him who introduced on Earth the present atmosphere of ridicule and condemnation of everything that concerns UFOs. After all, it is thanks to this atmosphere of persecution that UFOnauts can continue to operate on Earth with impunity without risking that their covert dealings will be detected by people and that humanity will begin to realize the constant presence of UFOnauts on our planet and take up a defense against their manipulations.
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