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"The Great Purification" of 2030s prophecised by Indian Hopi


Teil #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A0. A practical advice and information for English speaking (or using other languages) readers of this web page:
- #A1. Goals of this web page:
- #A2. The history of this web page - i.e. how my previous research, discoveries and findings gradually led me to the final conclusion alarmed here, that in the 2030s probably at least 99.9% of the humanity may perish:

Part #B: Warning: what exactly is to happen in those 2030s:
- #B1. Attention! the massive depopulation of Earth is coming:
- #B2. Notice that the incoming massive depopulation of the Earth will be a temporary punishment foretold by Bible prophecies for thousands of years and brought onto the humanity by "destroyers of the earth" - means it will NOT be the "end of the world" that the humanity is repetitively threaten with:

Part #C: We have been repeatedly warned about the imminent purification and depopulation of earth - only that the information about these warnings is officially ignored and silenced:
- #C1. Where from could each of us learn, that the massive purification and depopulation are coming:

Part #D: Although various sources for long time have indicated who are guilty of bringing to the humanity the disaster and depopulation discussed here, our civilisation has done nothing to stop their destructive activities and thus to avoid the arrival of times of widespread deaths and destructions:
- #D1. Which sources or information have long informed us who is guilty of bringing onto the humanity the destruction and depopulation discussed here:

Teil #E: Which actions and attitudes of people are bringing onto the humanity the imminent destruction and depopulation of 2030s:
- #E1. Which human actions and attitudes are the most "anti-human":

Part #F: How will the course (scenario) of the mass extinction of people in the 2030s look like:
- #F1. Approximate beginning and the "scenario" of course for the imminent purification of earth:
- #F2. A symbolic description of "for what" and "what" is imminent (i.e. a kind of symbolic "scenario" for purification and depopulation of earth in 2030s) provided in the "Book of Hosea" from the Bible:

Teil #G: Who and how is to organize and intelligently implement the incoming removal of the present multiplicity of "destroyers of the earth", while simulataneously protecting from the death of these very few people who obey the commandments and requirements of God:
- #G1. UFOnauts - means supernatural beings with the responsible role of "angels of death", which so far NO one considers to be supernatural creatures:

Part #H: Before the purification and the depopulation, for the third time in turn a person is to be sent to Earth described in the Bible under the name "Elijah", while in prophecies of Hopi Indians described as "Pahana" (i.e. "White Brother"):
- #H1. Who is Elijah?
- #H2. Little-known and highly intriguing for Polish people information about the "White Brother" by the Hopi Indians called Pahana (e.g. the coinciding of colours from the logo of totalizm designed by Pająka Jana with colours symbolically associated with return of Pahana):
- #H3. A vision of a German nun named Teresa Neumann, through whom God addresses to us words of warning about what is coming to earth and to humanity:

Part I: What evidence supports my finding that the 2030s are to bring temporary purification and depopulation, means NOT the "end of the world" as more and more "prophets", priests and corrupt religious institutions are scaring us:
- #I1. So let us list here the evidence which indicates that in the 2030s transient purification and depopulation are coming, NOT the ultimate "end of the world":

Part #J: What other detailed information about the incoming purification and depopulation can be read from the Bible:
- #J1. What else does the Bible tell us "between the lines":

Part #K: The philosophy of totalizm allows to logically deduce that in case of arrival in 2030s the described here purification of humanity, at the same time there will be a significant genetic change in bodies of people who will survive this event:
- #K1. Every event, the occurrence of which God approves, always has to achieve a whole range of goals independent from each other:

Part #L: New ideas the implementation of which would ease the massive depopulation of the
- #L1. There are ideas capable of decreasing the number of these 99.9% of people who may extinct in the 2030s, but unfortunately the lust for power, greed and corruption of politicians, as well as the greediness of producers, so far are preventing the widespread implementation of these ideas:
- #L2. The idea from Taiwan discussed in item #C4.4 from the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, that plastic bottles from liquid packaging can be shaped into ready-to-use building bricks:
- #L3. My own idea, described among others, on the web page pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm, to check each government's decision and the new law in terms of their compliance with God's commands and requirements contained in the Bible (as tools of this verification using numerous methods and indicators of moral correctness discovered by the philosophy of totalizm):
- #L4. The idea of using the tax system as a tool to protect the Earth's resources and the lives of future generations by introducing a new tax for the length of "half-life" of all components of products and waste generated by industry and consumers:
- #L5. Publications of our Silesian-Totalizt, Dominik Myrcik, clarifying the problems causing the collapse of companies and other today's "group intellects", and explaining how to fix these problems:

Part #M: How will humanity and Earth look like after the end of the incoming global purification:
- #M1. The most important features of the new state of humanity and the Earth after they go through the destruction and depopulation discussed here:

Part #N: A film which warns about the imminent purification of the 2030s:
- #N1. It is better to know what is coming than to perish because of being "surprised" by dangers of the future - so look at the 34-minute film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030":

Part #R: How to start our preparation for the survival of the imminent purification of the 2030s:
- #R1. Why descriptions of preparing oneself for the incoming purification are occupying this "Part #R" and the next "Part #S":
- #R2. The recommended list of contents of "postapocalyptic backpack" which is worth preparing to help us survive the approaching destruction - developed and practically tested by Sławomir Jabłoński:

Part #S: How to defend yourself from falling a victim to the cataclysm of mass extinction in the 2030s:
- #S1. Two types of defense: group and individual:
- #S2. So why I will NOT give here details on how to carry out a group defense before the extinction of the 2030s:
- #S3. How to implement your own individual defense:
- #S3.1. The repairing our inner attitude and relating to God, morality, fellowman, and nature, by acquiring the habit of fulfilling God's commandments and requirements in our everyday life - as the basis of our individual defense before purification of 2030s:
- #S3.2. Practical mastery of skills and knowledge that will make us socially highly useful after the cataclysm and extinction of the 2030s:
- #S3.3. Preparing for ourself a rescue set, e.g. which we can carry in a backpack, and which is to help us survive through the time of plagues, lack of everything, hunger, chaos, lawlessness, robberies, aggression of crazed people, etc., from the climax of the 2030s extinction:
- #S4. The approach of "faith plus totalizm" which we should follow when acquiring a permanent habit of fulfilling God's precepts and requirements in the present situation when almost all religious and secular institutions are so hypocritical and corrupt that they teach (and command) the reverse of the truth about what God is ordering and requiring from us:
- #S5. A list of reminders, what especially should be done (and what especially should NOT be done) when the purification and depopulation comes:

Part #T: Every more important matter is worth to support with a prayer to God. If, therefore, your view of world and your willingness let you do this, then please join my prayer now and say it with me:
- #T1. God is always ready to forgive people if they turn back from the wrong path, start to pray, as well as repent and humble themselves - so let us NOT waste this opportunity:
- #T2. Prayer - if you, the reader, want to join me and pray together, then just read it with an attention and with a prayerful spiritual attitude:

Teil #U: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #U1. Summary of this web page - means do NOT delay starting your own preparations for the purification of 2030s which unavoidably is coming, after all to be prepared may soon save your life:
- #U2. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research presented here:
- #U3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #U4. How with the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #U5. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #U6. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk:


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