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The Great Purification" of 2030s prophecised by Indian Hopi


Have you ever experienced how it feels when ones you love the most are perishing in your presence and you cannot help them. This web page explains that probably you may experience it soon! This is because numerous premises indicate imminent - as the prophecy of Indian Hopi calls it: "The Great Purification". According to analysis by the author of this web page such "purification" may occur as soon as in 2030s. So I advise you to read this web page carefully. If you do not have time to read it, or if you prefer to first look visually at the filmed summary of this web page - then I advise to look at the free film that summarizes this web page, while for which more detailed descriptions I have provided in item #A2. from the web page Portfolio and in item #N1. from the further part of this web page. That 34 minute-long free film from Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/. Its title represents a Polish name to the Indian Hopi prophecy about "The Great Purification of 2030s" - for more details see Part #H from this web page.

At present the film is available only in version with commentary in the Polish language - although in future it may be translated to English as well. The film also can be run from the site Videos which provides links to all YouTube films in the creating of which I personally participated. To run it right now you can also click on the following "Golden Record" badge which commemorates the second million of voluntary hits by viewers interested in getting acquainted with results of my research:

Złoty Rekord

Notice, that this film is full of Biblical symbolism, so you should be able to understand it even if you do NOT know the Polish language. This symbolism is well explained under the caption for "Film #A3c" from my different web page Statute of Party of Totalizm.

NOT avoiding "naming truth by the name" - as practically all of today's official institutions avoid doing it, I feel obliged to inform, that according to my research and deductions, already in the 2030s probably will come to our planet so massive extinction of people that our civilization has never experienced since the biblical flood. In a result of it, probably at least 99.9% of the people living at that time will perish in torment. In other words, a chance to survive has at most 1 person from every 1,000 people living today. (Intriguingly, according to my checks, just one person only for every thousand watching the above Polish film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" does NOT treat it as a momentary curiosity or entertainment, but deepens after it the further study of the Internet to gain knowledge as how to prepare oneself for whatever is inevitably coming. Similarly, out of every thousand peole who encounters somewhere my information that undertaking in person the effort to earn the totaliztic nirvana and also starting the efforts to implement the "nirvana political system" in own coutry, significantly increases the chance of surviving through this incoming Great Purification, just only around one person looks for further information in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm.)

Of course, maybe even more people are to perish - including, among others, probably also the vast majority of your, the reader's, loved ones and acquaintances, with a considerable danger, that including also yourself. At this point, you will probably shout: this can NOT be true, because I have NOT heard about it either from the government representative or from anyone in the position of authority! Well, exactly the official silencing and ignoring the warning from the Bible that "destroyers of the earth" will be destroyed, along with concealing and ignoring the rapidly growing numerous threats that result from the activities of these "destroyers of the earth" and that represent main warnings issued by God that the destruction is alredy coming (the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is already the second "urging cataclysm" of these main warnings), is just another among the many reasons why the inhabitants of our civilization, increasingly more turning away from God, morality, nature and fellow neighbors, and involving themselves and their fellow neighbors into a spiral of ever deeper hypocrisy, corruption and greed, may soon have to perish in a rather inhumain manner and in quite terrifying circumstances! (Notice, that these three major cataclysms that are affecting places and people who angered God, which I call (1) "warning cataclysm", (2) "urging cataclysm" and (3) "annihilating cataclysm", are described near the end of item #A3. from my web page Statute of Party of Totalizm.)

The problem with mass extinction of people is that in order to survive it, one must be well prepared for its imminent coming. On the other hand, NO one will start such preparations if they have NOT received any warning that such extinction is coming. So to clearly and "without bitting up the bush" warn and inform others how dangerous will be the incoming depopulation, which according to my estimates will already come in the 2030s, means to prepare for the coming and survival of which remains only about 10 years of relatively normal lives of societies that are not falling yet into an abysmal economic crisis, a period of lacking everything, oppression, panic, chaos, anarchy, struggle, brutality, etc., and thus to allow fellow humans to increase their chances of survival by immediately taking the preparations that I described in parts #R and #S from this web page, I decided to take a considerable risk of publishing this warning, which is contrary to today's omnipresent "propaganda of success".

The outcomes of my research that around the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 I described in the Polish version of this web page on the subject of extermination and depopulation which according to my estimates probably is to come in the 2030s, until the advent of those 2030s everyone can ignore. Also, everyone DO NOT need to even try overcoming own passivity, laziness, or prejudices in order to read it. May consider it to be impossible, may doubt its truth, may disregard or even make fun of it - as the majority of people still do this in the case of the only one in the world, actually already existing and indisputably proven as revealing truths multi-facedly confirmed by the surrounding reality, my true scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that explains how, when and from what our physical world was really created, how it is built and Petone, God proof, how works the preprogrammed by God reversible human time according to which we all grow old, and how much the truth about our world differs from what the current "official atheistic science" falsely tells us. Every person can also try to ridicule, disgust to others, deny, criticize, curse, etc., my findings that are described here - just as a lot of people do it in the matter of world's most moral modern philosophy developed by man and called Totalizm, the adopting and strict following of the recommendations of which by individual people has the potential to save them, among others, from the falling of victims of the incoming destruction and cleansing of the Earth. But when, the events described on this web page come suddenly and surprisingly to almost everyone, then it is NOT possible to ignore them any further, because everyone will experience them personally and will find out with horror that it is too late to prepare for them or to try to prevent them.

This web page presents final conclusions, summary, as well as the development of logically deducted my forecasting for the future, which resulted from many years of personal research and collecting empirical experience, written down for decates and reported previously, among others, in item #K1. from my web page Tapanui, in items #H1. to #H3. from my web page Prophecies, in item #G2.3. from my web page Healing, or in items #T1. to #T3. from my web page Water - for more information about the gradual evolution of my knowledge and awareness presented in above web pages, see item #A2. below.
* * *

The content of this web page is authorized by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page http://worldcat.org/identities/), the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page Jan Pająk.

By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher who lectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland and/or New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people.

Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German - examples of which can be the movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - Portfolio (english) resp. in YouTube and the movie entitled Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube too, or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money resp. in YouTube and the warning movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/ - (note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie). Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying "truth hurts".

After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5. to #A5bc. from the web page Totalizm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

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