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First publication: 17.01.2021
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Theory of Life of 2020


Part #A: Introductory information on this web page:
- #A1. What are goals of this web page:
- #A2. Theses, the truth of which is proved by the "Theory of Life of 2020":

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content partly translation with DeepL/
Part #B: A short history of the creation of my "Theory of Life of 2020":
- #B1. The essence of any theory can always be expressed in one sentence that puts into words what constitutes its foundation:
- #B2. The essence of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here can be expressed in a short sentence, with e.g. the wording: "life is a continuous symbiosis between the counter-material 'God Drobina' which is the carrier and source of the software soul (i.e. programs of self-awareness, personality, ability to self-learn, long-term memory, etc.) of a given living being, and a hardware body made of matter purposely equipped with shapes, senses and functionality that enable these self-learning programs from the 'God Drobina' assigned to this body to increase their knowledge and records of life experiences which make this eternally living God Drobina increasingly more wise and experienced being who will actively add his/her contribution to the growth and the development of level of perfection of all surrounding reality":
- #B3. The process of the emergence of new theories in human minds was so wisely designed by God that to become the author of a correct and truth-expressing theory one has to earn with years of painstaking research and gathering knowledge on a given subject - which earning, unfortunately, is something that many of today's "luminaries of science" accustomed to making easy and quick enrichment are NOT ready to do, which turns their hastily coiled theories into lies that destructively delude humanity:
- #B4. A short history of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here - means how everything started with the development of my "Theory of Everything of 1985":
- #B5. Conclusions which for you, the reader, result from the history of my "Theory of Life of 2020" described here - if you intend to make your active contribution to the truth, knowledge and proper development of our civilization:

Part #C: Premises which inspired me to understand that the counter-material "God Drobinas" that are carriers of the "soul" (means "self-awareness", personality, long-term memory, and all other software necessary for life, the only giver of which is God Himself) are assigned to living creatures from matter to animate these creatures and cooperate with other God Drobinas that fulfill for the same creatures the function in Christianity described by the term "Guardian Angels", and thus which premises motivated me to undertake research work on the creation of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here:
- #C1. What is "Self-Awareness":
- #C2. Requirements that must be met for the emergence of the embryo of "self-awareness", personality, knowledge and other software qualities necessary for life, while the understanding of which requirements are confirmed by the Bible's explanations that the only giver of them is God Himself:
- #C3. Only "God Drobinas" fulfill all the above requirements for the evolving in them during around half of eternity the germs of "self-awareness", personality, knowledge and other software qualities necessary for the life of all creatures:
- #C4. From what logical premises stems the determination of the author of this web page that the counter-material "God Drobinas", which are carriers of the embryos of "self-awareness", personality, knowledge and other software qualities necessary for life, must be the source of these qualities and the carriers of the "soul" programs for the newly-born living creatures of matter to which these God Drobinas are assigned:
- #C5. The "scenario" illustrating how in "drobinas of counter-matter" (which by my discoveries from 2020 have been confirmed that they actually constitute "God Drobinas") were formed the first "seeds of self-awareness", as well as personality, knowledge and other writable-erasable software qualities necessary for life and made available to every living creature as a program of its "soul", and how from them was then created the life in bodies made of matter from our "physical world" - including the life of people:
- #C6. Next questions about the origin of life that are generated by Bible verses, religions, and religious myths, and which also urgently await truthful answers confirmed by "3 witnesses":

Part #D: The truth of the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020":
- #D1. The "proof for the existence of God" which is carried by every living person, and which results from the truth of the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here:
- #D2. Why the truth of this first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" can only be postulated and proved by a researcher who thoroughly knows both mechanics (i.e. knows the features and operation of hardware formed from "inanimate matter") and computer science - i.e. knows the features and operation of programs encoded in the form of "soft" information (in the Bible called "word"):
- #D3. The evolution of life in inanimate matter is impossible due to the reason that can be easily learned by mechanical engineers and computer scientists, namely that from only inanimate matter itself (i.e. without adding the software of "soul" into it), it is NOT possible to self-form or to purposely build a system capable of "self-learning":
- #D4. What are the consequences of proving that the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here expresses the irrefutable truth:
- #D5. Challenge for young scientists: end the denying the truth leading to the fall of mankind only because this truth is inconvenient to someone, and try if you can formally prove the truth of the thesis "without the existence of God, there would also be NO life", instead of, as other scientists do, burden your own soul with the mortal sin of telling to humanity a lie that denies the existence of God - i.e. that life supposedly arose due to "natural evolution" taking place in the "world of inanimate matter":

Part #E: What is life:
- #E1. Life is the embodiment of the soul and the self-awareness it contains:

Part #F: What premises document the origin of the embryos of self-awareness inscribed into the God Drobinas?
- #F1. What documents the fact, that the germ of "self-awareness", soul, personality, knowledge and other software qualities necessary for life, is NOT formed to the same degree in every "God Drobina":

Part #G: Self-awareness and the personality and soul of a given creature:
- #G1. Only having self-awareness and leading a life allows you to accumulate life experiences - and the essence of these experiences takes the form of a personality:
- #G2. What is the relationship of the soul with self-awareness:

Part #H: So let us get to know the essence of my "Theory of Life of 2020":
- #H1. "Theory of Life of 2020" as a specializing in explaining the mysteries of life sub-component of my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985":
- #H2. Let us explain more precisely what states the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here:
- #H3. Which specific verses of the Bible and what specific empirical evidence confirm the truth of individual attributes of the "God Drobinas" and other components of the "Theory of Life of 2020" listed in (A) to (J) from item #H2 above, while in the case of a temporary lack of access to data about these specific verses of the Bible or about specific empirical evidence, then what logical premises known to the author already imply this truth:
- #H4. Since the development of the entire "Theory of Life of 2020" is the result of the knowledge about counter-material "God Drobinas" accumulated so far by my Theory of Everything of 1985, let us summarize the most important information about these "God Drobinas" and indicate where in my publications the reader can find more on their topic:
- #H5. So what next works and actions still await me in the process of further refining the theory described here - e.g. [1] explaining with the help of the theory discussed here a number of further scientifically unexplained manifestations of the phenomenon of life, [2] extending the number of documented specific examples of these "3 witnesses" which prove the truth of each of the explanations for the manifestations of life covered by the theory described here, [3] my own (or any other researcher's) efforts to develop a scientifically irrefutable formal proof that the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here reveals the truth about life:
- #H6. What next theory of the continuation of research and publication of the results obtained due to the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, will be able to "piece" together in someone's mind - only that working out the elements of their "puzzle" will probably take further 3x35=105 "human years":
- #H7. The most important among the currently prevailing common errors of thinking and ignorant beliefs that revealed the piecing together in my mind the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, and the highlighting of which I hope here will contribute to their future elimination:

Part #I: The initiation of life in bodies made of matter:
- #I1. Why I decided to prepare this "part #I" about the initiation of life in bodies from matter:

Part #J: The process of realizing life
- #J1. Why it is worth learning some of the more important facts about the process of realizing life, presented in this "part #J"
- #J2. Why were we brought into existence?
- #J3. Why do we experience so much suffering in our lives?
- #J4. How exactly did life come into existence?
- #J5. What should become the goal of everyone's life?

Part #K: What to know about the final part of our lives:
- #K1. Why I decided to include this "part #K" about ending life on this page:

Part #L: Cases of almost chronic violations by people of the 10 Commandments of God:
- #L1. Why do people so frequently break the "Ten Commandments of God"?
- #L2. For reasons clearly colliding with God's commandments given in the Bible, leaders who manage various countries and religions shockingly willingly establish human laws forbidding women to terminate pregnancies (i.e. laws that ban "abortion") although these laws are contrary to God's knowledge expressed in the Bible, and they also break the Eighth Commandment of God "You shall NOT give false witness against your neighbor":
- #L3. How the lessons told by "Filmy #A3de" from my Polish webpage named klasa.htm (meaning "highschool class") which report the romantic revival of extinct for hundreds of years Judean Dates through the sprouting of about 2000 years-old archaeologically excavated seeds, confirm the truth of the Bible that "bodies" made of matter come to life only when God "breathes" into them programs of "soul", and confirm also the thesis of item #L2 above, that human fetuses receive life only at the instant of catching their first breath around the moment of breaking the umbilical cord:

Part #V: Let us summarize "what" are telling us most important of the previously unknown to people truths about God, and the life in world of matter - which truths so far I managed to establish with my "Theory of Life of 2020", and let us indicate "where" in my publications interested people can learn the next essential details on each of these truths:
- #V1. Why, after about 2,000 human years of spreading Christianity, our civilization is still as barbaric as it was in the time of Jesus:
- #V2. So let us summarize the truths that only my "Theory of Life from 2020" established about God and life:
- #V3. I do NOT understand my "neighbours", who, in spite of prior knowledge of so many proofs for the existence of God that I have already published, and of so many truths revealed about God and confirmed by the above-described "3 witnesses" from (1a) to (1c) and by evidence contained in these confirmations - they still by constantly avoiding informing about what they already know the other people with whom they maintain contacts, they keep their "neighbours" in the ignorance and inability to get to know God, that is, their actions break the commandments quoted in verses 12:29-31 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Mark":
- #V4. The impact of our personal selection of the categories of knowledge and truth that we accept, or that we reject, on the depth of our knowledge of God, and on our faith in God or on the certainty of God's existence:
- #V5. Why after all, it is worth trying to actively learn, analyze, confirm, accept and share with others as many different categories of knowledge and truth as possible:
- #V6. Why the existence of "evil" and "good", as well as giving to people "free will" to do "evil" or do "good", are necessary in the life of thinking creatures created of matter, because "evil" and "good" propel the improvement of the quality of the intelligent universe by forming in humans a motive force that makes people to search for ways to reduce "evil" while at the same time it inspires God to design and introduce into souls and bodies of living creatures various improvements that are able to permanently eliminate the most destructive kinds of "evil":
- #V7. If the moral requirements of given scientific research are met, then the truth of each next discovery results from the truth of the correct findings of the previous one, leading the researcher along the "chain of truth" from discovery to discovery like some miraculous "Ariadne's thread":

Part #W: Consequences of the truth of the "second thesis of the Theory of Life of 2020 discussed here" - which the second thesis is presented in item #A2 above on this web page:
- #W1. What we should be aware of, knowing that the definition of "living creatures" developed by the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here confirms the truth of the brilliant "Theory of Superior Beings" but additionally extended by my finding that it is "knowledge" that is the goal of the creation of all living creatures:

Part #X: How to implement truths postulated by the third and fourth theses from item #A2:
- #X1. So what will most effectively direct the entire humanity onto the "narrow path leading to the good of all":

Part #Y: By reading with attention, understanding and inner wish for fulfillment, let us both (i.e. the reader and me) read the prayer quoted here for God's help in redirecting humanity to the narrow gate of "positive knowledge" that will lead our civilisation to growth and flourishing - so that by following the recommendation of verses 18:19-20 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" there were at least two of us on earth asking for it our God who arts in heaven:
- #Y1. Here is our common "prayer to guide us to the narrow gate and the difficult way leading to life", which I propose that we both read in harmony with each other with attention, understanding and with the inner wish of its fulfillment:
- #Y2. If you believe in what I (the author of this web page) is trying to initiate, join also the "awaking prayer" from item #W3 from another my web page named humanity.htm:
- #Y3. If you, the reader, have a skeptical nature (e.g. such as I have) then I recommend reading my documentation as to how research and gathering knowledge gradually convinced me to the supernatural power of the holy area from Petone, NZ, distant only about 400 meters from my apartment, which protects the township of Petone (and probably also the whole of New Zealand) with a similar power as Polish Częstochowa (and perhaps all of Poland) is protected by "Jasna Góra":

Part #Z: Summary and final information of this web page:
- #Z1. Summary of this web page:
- #Z2. How with the web page named "skorowidz.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #Z3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z4. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #Z5. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk:

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