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Secretly and fiercely most persecuted modern scientific theory of the world, i.e. The Theory of Everything of 1985


Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. What are goals of this web page about: The Theory of Everything of 1985

Part #B: Explaining why, in spite that my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 exists and is published already since 1985, all this time it is blocked successfully by some powerful institution and some influential people, thus hidden from spreading around the world for over 37 years - means until today:
- #B1. People and the so-called group intellects (i.e. institutions, organizations, states, etc.) who are convinced that some relevant truth could work to the detriment of their interests, instinctively will block the spread of this truth over the world, and hid facts that may lead other people to discover the existence and essence of this truth:
- #B2. My life experiences from over half a century of persuading people to various obvious truths, conclusively revealed to me that one person (e.g. me) is unable to convince another person (e.g. someone who rejects the truth about the existence of God, the existence of my Theory of Everything of 1985, the correctness of my philosophy of totalizm, etc.) to learn or to accept the truth that this someone else rejects for some reasons - such a persuading can only be successfully made by God who knows the most intimate secrets of every person and has the power to let this other person through life experiences required to accept this truth, however, God has His own criteria of assessment that clearly indicate to Him who is worth persuading to this truth:#B2. "Canon of ambiguity", "free will", etc. - means reasons for which God does NOT confirm to us openly the existence of immortal souls:
- #B3. All in all, I can only create and develop the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and explain with its help the truths describing the reality that surrounds us, but it is in the power of other people whether these truths they wish to learn and (or) accept them:

Part #C: The history to date and the fate of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985:
- #C1. How in 1985 I discovered the essence of the new theory of gravity - means the fact that the gravity field is a dipolar field (NOT a monopolar field as the "official atheistic science" wrongly it assumed, believed, and forced people to be convinced):

Part #D: Features that characterize a "knowledge-creating" new scientific theory:
- #D1. The old people used to say "if you want to know how best to accomplish something, ask the one about whom you know that he has already accomplished it in the way known to you as the best". - So if you want to know how to create or recognize a new "knowledge-creating" scientific theory, learn about it from the opinion of the creator who personally developed the only scientific "Theory of Everything 1985" and the "Cyclic Table for Propulsion Devices" that still exists on Earth:
- #D2. If the new scientific theory contains an intellectual "chain of knowledge-creating revealing structure" - the correctness of at least two links which is confirmed with the already known empirical evidence, then it is worth investing your time and energy in this theory:
- #D3. Ale uwaga, istnieją bowiem "fałszywe" łańcuchy intelektualne, które jedynie sprawiają wrażenie iż są "wiedzo-twórcze", zaś faktycznie wywodzą swych twórców i zwolenników na manowce i prowadzą do okłamywania siebie i innych ludzi (przykładowo rozważ taki łańcuch zawarty w "teorii wielkiego bangu") stąd trzeba się nauczyć jakie cechy je odróżniają od prawdziwych łańcuchów wiedzo-twórczych:
- #D4. The most vital information about the soul, which God provided in verses of the Bible:

Part #E: The changes that my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 would cause in Poland and in the world, if we could managed to overcome the "God's adversaries and his helpers that prey on today's ignorance of people and thus cause that despite the secret blockade imposed on this theory we still would be able to spread it around the world:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content translation with DeepL/
- #E1. Why my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 contains the potential to make a positive intellectual revolution in every area of life on Earth:
- #E2. Changes in our quality of life that it would cause a possibility of unblocked dissemination of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985:
- #E3. The impact that the possible dissemination of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 would have on the economy of Poland and the respect with which the rest of the world would then begin to relate to Poland and Polish people:

/Translation DeepL/:
- #E4. The impact of the possible spread of my scientific Theory of Everything on the natural environment and the world around us:
- #E5. The collapse of the absolute monopoly on research and on education of the current official atheist science, and the changes this would cause:
- #E6. The popularization of the 1985 scientific Theory of Everything, also known as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, could arguably also halt, or definitely diminish, the fast-approaching extinction and annihilation of the 2030s upon humanity:
- #E7. So the next time you are confronted with an example of someone blocking, discouraging, spitting on, pitting, etc., the 1985 scientific Theory of Everything also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or anything else that has the potential to serve the progress and well-being of all people, respond to it as caring for the well-being of all requires:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content translation with DeepL/
Part #F: As a professional scientist, in my life I have accumulated a large pool of experiences, what is the standard course of the fate of typical scientific discoveries and theories - so why is the fate of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 completely different?
- #F1. Something unusually strange is happening about the fate of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985:
- #F2. Examples of the strangeness of the fate of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, illustrated by a deliberate distortion of the names of everything related to it:
- #F3. Shortly after the discovery of the strange fate of names related to my research results, there appeared still other evidence that someone with significant power and authority secretly disgusts, blocks, sabotages and intentionally hides from people the results of my research:
- #F4. The scientific logical conclusion, which resulted from empirical observations of the strangely distorted fate of publications with the results of my research, was that "the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 that I developed and published qalready in 1985, as well as the results of my other research, discoveries and inventions made due help from this theory, have some enemies with significant power and authority":

Part #G: So who is this adversary of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 with such mighty power and authority, that he decided to prevent its dissemination, and is already successful with this preventing for 37 years?
- #G1. What is it contained in this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (described here), that induces such great hostility of someone with enormous power and authority?

/Translation DeepL/:
- #G2. "So 'who' very influential, and 'what' most alienated my Theory of Everything":
- #G3. Thus, in the next part #H of this page it is now worth considering "what" and "why" my Theory of Everything alienates with its difference from the so far recognized knowledge and philosophical recommendations:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content translation with DeepL/
Part #H. With what and why my Theory of Everything of 1985 disheartens to itself today's "official atheistic science":
- #H1. "Purely human" sources of discouragement of the official atheistic science towards my Theory of Everything of 1985:
- #H2. "Scientific" sources of disaffection of official atheistic science with my Theory of Everything of 1985:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #I: Here is how my "Theory of Everything of 1985" helped me finally find a large collection of evidence, the manifestation of which are numerous changes made in our past by God and by civilisations that already have Time Vehicles, but for which changes it is impossible to find errors caused by the so-called data redundancy - thus which evidence conclusively confirms that in the counter-world there is NO "elapse of time", and thus which prove that the physical phenomenon called "time" was invented by God and it was God who intelligently pre-programmed time only into the operation of our "world of matter":
- #I1. What is this error from "data redundancy" and why the lack of it manifested in all events that change something in our past is so important that it should cause changes in our present, while changes of past caused either by God or by other beings travelling through time, provide us with a definite confirmation that in the "counter-world" there is NO "elapse of time" and there is NO ageing work of "time" manifested to us (i.e. that the technically measurable "elapse of time" is an invention of God wisely pre-programmed by God only into our "world of matter" and into living creatures that God created from the ever-moving building material called "God Drobinas"):
- #I2. Two possible alternatives to the action of time in the counter-world, logically allowed by my Theory of Everything of 1985, namely: alternative [A] - in the counter-world the "elapse of time" does NOT exist, thus God is the inventor of the "elapse of time" and of the phenomenon of "time" which He pre-programmed only into the operation of our world of matter; or alternative [B] - in the counter-world there is an "irreversible absolute time of the universe" which elapses at least 365x1000 times faster than the "reversible software time" that God invented and in which He pre-programmed the course of our aging and the life of all creatures from our world of matter:
- #I3. The most important attributes and consequences of the course of phenomena of the counter-world, which can be documented for the truth of the alternative [A] stating that "in the counter-world the elapse of time does NOT exist", although in the memories of "God Drobinas" the results of their actions are documented - for example attributes such as that courses of all phenomena in the counter-world must take place instantly, and thus e.g. all movements must occur in there with an infinite speed:
- #I4. The most important features of the operation of phenomena from the counter-world which in our world of matter would be observable in the purely hypothetical case of the truth of the "alternative [B]" stating that in the counter-world the elapse of time also exists, while time elapses in there according to the information that was encoded in the Bible, i.e. over 365x1000 times faster than our reversible "human time":
- #I5. How 11+10=21 letters from two verses of the Bible, which in today's reality of searching for salvation from the rapidly approaching destruction of mankind, positively: (a) confirm the truth of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" by stamping the "[Ω] God Stamp" to its fundamental statement that the universe is composed of two worlds; (b) expose how the monopoly of "official atheistic science" has been lying to humanity about God for many years; (c) announce the coming of a new era of correct knowledge about the structure of the universe and about the non-existence of neither the "elapse of time" nor the aging work of "time" in the original counter-world (means in the so-called "nature"); and, in addition, they (d) warn against forcing false views:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content translation with DeepL/
- #I6. What practical consequences for humanity and for revealing the lack of redundancy of data in all moves and actions of God, is brought by my present indication of evidence which allows for a later formal proving (with the help of logical and evidential tools already developed by the Theory of Everything of 1985) the highly shocking truth that in the counter-world "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time" does NOT exist at all:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #J: Why the ability to technically control the path of light in the void of outer space (i.e. ability to wind, turn back, redirect and accumulate light in the cosmos) is one of the highest technical achievements that define the level of intergalactic advancement of individual civilizations from stars, similar as e.g. for the humanity from Earth such achievements defining the levels of its technical advancement will become the skills of building Oscillatory Chambers, Magnocrafts and telekinetic batteries - all of which technical achievements already describe to us the findings of this my Theory of Everything of 1985:
- #J1. The most important "three witnesses" who: confirm that the path of light through the vacuum of space can be technically controlled - which control allows that some of the most technically advanced civilizations (e.g. our parasitic relatives from planets of Orion) to be able to e.g. to make waves of light winding, return, turn and store in the vacuum of space; and also confirm that the ability "how" to control light technically is the most important among the criteria for recognizing one of the highest levels of technical advancement of any intergalactic civilization - unfortunately abused by our parasitic relatives from planets of Orion, among others for the secretive exploitation and destruction of humanity:
- #J2. What is the winding, redirecting, reversing, deflection and storage of light in the vacuum of space, and "how" light can technically be so controlled:
- #J3. "How" it happens that, being carried out by only a transverse wave (i.e. by a surface-wave), light still reaches every place in the entire volume of our three-dimensional physical world - within which, according to present physics, only longitudinal waves should be able to propagate:
- #J4. What are the most important aspects of the problem of occupation as well as the results of hidden occupation, exploitation and tormenting humanity and the Earth by UFOnauts, if they are viewed from four different perspectives, i.e. from the perspective of: (1) the Bible and God, (2) the philosophy of totalizm, (3) individual people tormented by UFOnauts, and (4) UFOnauts themselves; and also why the development of faith in God, morality, knowledge and technology in victims of all kinds of exploitation (e.g. among the inhabitants of the Earth) must be forcibly restrained, fought and stealed by espionage because these victims always develop several times faster than their occupants and exploiters:

/Translation DeepL/:
Part #V: Taking away from Poland and Poles such an important intellectual achievement as the honor of developing by a Pole and at the same time a Polish émigré the world's first and still the only factual scientific Theory of Everything in 1985, should be treated as an aggression against our intellectual living space, while Totalism dictates that in the case of any aggression, anyone touched by it has the duty to take up the defense:
- #V1. Why all Poles have a patriotic duty to fight for recognition that still the world's only scientific Theory of Everything from 1985 was developed by a Pole:
- #V2. What methods of defense against the inteletual attempt to deprive Poles of the honor of developing the first scientific Theory of Everything lie within the capabilities of every Pole:
- #V3. A summary of the concept of the video for YouTube, with the title "Theory of Everything 1985" - originally published in subsection C1 of the paper [18]:

Part #Z: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #Z1. Summary of this web page:
- #Z2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z3. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #Z4. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk:

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