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Table K1

according to the theory of development of the physical world © by Dr. Jan Pająk
(read from bottom to top)
a) Renaissance, b) Technocracy, c) increased fanaticism, d) Ruin of humankind
Groundbreaking events
(Attention: this table reads upwards, i.e. from bottom to top)
Era name
Era number
>2656 AD
(AD = after Christ)
6a) Adaptation etc.
Creation of a new physical world and body, and the beginning of the era of immortal humanity.
Immortality - sixth era of people in another physical world and new bodies.
=2656 AD 5d) So-called "tribute" and end of the present physical world
Second Coming of Jesus
~2600 AD 5c) Neo-fanaticism
Corruption of the requirements of Nirvana and influence of the Antichrist = turning away of the people from God
~2300 AD 5b) Neo-technocracy
Construction of the first time machine = beginning of "limited" immortality".
~2036 AD 5a) Neo-Renaissance
Construction of the first Magnokraft = beginning of the actual exploration of the cosmos
End Time - fifth (last) era of mortal mankind (software time).
11.09.2001 4d) Neo-Medievalism (wars, destruction and ruin)
Destruction of the WTC in New York
1992 AD 4c) Fanaticism
Disintegration of the former Yugoslavia
18th/19th century 4b) Technocracy
Construction of the first railroad
1492 AD 4a) Renaissance
Entdeckung Amerikas durch Christoph Kolumbus
Modern era - fourth (present era of mortal mankind (software time).
19.06.1178 3d) Middle Ages (wars, destruction and ruin)
(UFO explosion near Tapanui, NZ = beginning of the centuries of the Middle Ages.
1070 AD 3c) Crusades
Turks conquer Jerusalem - beginning of the persecution of Christians
1110 BC
(BC = before Christ)
3b) Iron Age epoch
Assyrian army, armed with weapons of steel, conquers Babylon, armed with weapons of bronze
~ 2000 BC 3a) Post-flood population of the earth with people of today’s size
Conversion (in the course of the Flood) of the time of the living beings to the "reversible software time".
Antiquity - third era of the history of mortal mankind
~ 2000 BC 2d) Death of all beings living in the absolute time
Biblical Flood (reduction and reprogramming of the bodies of all living beings)
~ 2080 BC 2c) Moral Degeneration of Mankind (Bible, Book of Genesis 6:5-7).
Start of the construction of Noah's Ark (Bible, Book of Genesis 6:5-22)
~ 3500 BC 2b) Epoch of pre-technocracy
. The children of Lamecha give life to shepherds, musicians and ore and iron smiths (Book of Genesis 4: 19-22).
~ 3880 BC 2a) Population of the earth with antediluvian people of huge size (Genesis 6: 4).
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise = beginning of early history (humans live in absolute time)
Prehistory - second era of the present history of mortal mankind (absolute time).
3890 BC 1d) Incipient loss of immortality in humans.
Succumbing to temptation (Eve and Adam eating the apple)
~ 3900 BC 1c) Moral education of Adam and Eve
Beginning of learning about the struggle between good and evil (temptations by snake).
~ 3950 BC 1b) Environmental education of Adam and Eve
Getting to know and naming animals and plants (Bible, Book of Genesis 2:19-20).
~ 4000 BC 1a) Childhood of Adam and Eve
Creation of Adam by God = beginning of man in paradise (life in absolute time)
Paradise - first era of education of mortal mankind in the absolute time.
(read from bottom to top)
a) Renaissance, b) Technocracy, c) increased fanaticism, d) Ruin of humankind
Groundbreaking events
(Attention: this table reads upwards, i.e. from bottom to top)
Era name
Era number

This table is a kind of counterpart to the "Table of Mendeleev"/Periodic System of Mendeleev/ - only that instead of the regularity in the structure of chemical elements, it demonstrates the regularity of historical epochs composed of repeated cycles of development of mankind.
This is already the second kind of a "cyclicity table" I discovered and described - besides my previously discovered and still in 1972 developed "cyclicity table for propulsion devices" - the appearance of which I also described among others in fig. (#1) of my page propulsion, but also in table B1 from volume 2 of my latest monograph 1/5] represented.
The development of my cyclicity table above as already second kind about the development cycles of mankind (i.e. this time historical) documents us clearly that the development of almost everything programmed God in a highly intelligent way on the basis of repetition and cyclicity, and that God at the present time is programming this development with the help of the "reversible software time", described in the points #C4. and #C4.1. of my page immortality.
This practically means that more astute "totaliztic researchers" will one day be able to discover and develop similar "cyclicity tables" for almost everything else - provided, of course, that the level of their personal morality will be sufficiently high according to divine evaluations to endow them with the grace to undertake the discoveries of such important truths.
In contrast to normal texts, which are read "downwards" (i.e. from top to bottom), the above table is meant to be read "upwards", i.e. from bottom to top. After all, the development of mankind "rises" to a higher and higher level of civilization, so the "downward" notation would not be symbolically correct.
In the reader looking at the above table, the question may arise, "how is it possible that the table shows that the earth, the universe, and humanity were created by God about 6000 years ago, when, for example, in April 2015, scientists thought that the universe had already existed for about 14 billion years (plus or rather minus a "scientific dating error"), and that humanity is only slightly younger than the dinosaurs?"
(I have purposefully given the date "April 2015" at this 14 billion - because according to the scientists this 14 billion was a correct value, because the size of this age is constantly changed. For example, some years earlier the scientists estimated the age of the universe to be about 13 billion years, while probably in the nearest future this age will be estimated to be 15 billion years - for more details on this topic see item #A3. of my page Humanity and item #C4.7. of my page Morality.)
The answer to this question is that both datings confirm the same truth per different kinds of time qualities - although the atheistic view of today's official science and its lucrative monopoly on research and education will not allow it to officially recognize this truth for many years to come. (The working of the monopoly of the official science as a brake hindering the progress of the human knowledge I discuss a little bit more detailed e.g. in the item #E2. of my page UFOs behind clouds).
The truth of the simultaneous correctness of both datings, i.e. the datings from the table above, which says that the universe was created by God about 6000 years ago, and the dating of the official science in April 2015, which says that the universe was created about 14 billion years ago, is confirmed by my ground-breaking discovery that on the earth two completely different time qualities prevail at the same time - briefly described a. o. among other things in the introduction and in the item #G4. of my page Dipolar Gravity, and explained in more detail in the introduction, in items #C4. and in item #C4.1. of my page immortality
The first of these two time qualities is the naturally flowing in the universe, so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe". On the earth, however, only stones, fossils (e.g. dinosaur bones, coal, shards etc.) and the whole lifeless matter age according to it. It flows smoothly and clearly faster than our human time. Its speed has NEVER been measured yet, but according to the Bible it is about 365 thousand times faster than the speed of the other quality of time in which humans age.
The second of these two time qualities on earth has been artificially introduced by God about 4000 years ago, i.e. about half of the duration of the biblical Flood, the so-called "reversible software time". It flows in quick jumps - very similar to how "single pictures" are broadcast in quick jumps in cinema movies or on television. (In our consciousness these fast jumps of the software time flow together and leave with us the impression that the flow of our time is continuous and flowing).
This "reversible software time" controls the life and aging of living human organisms and all other living beings that have DNA. The Bible says that the artificial software time controlling the flow of these humans is about 365 thousand times slower than the flow of the "reversible absolute universe time" that controls the destiny of minerals and non-living nature. Since by April 2015 (i.e., the date I wrote this item), humanity had already been living in this "reversible software time" for 4000 years, while in the meantime both the universe and terrestrial rocks, minerals, and fossils - all of which age according to "irreversible absolute universe time" - could in some cases age by as much as 365,000x4000=1.46 billion years.
In other words, the dating from the above table is perfectly consistent with the dating experimentally designated by official science (plus, rather minus, the "experimentally dating errors" of official science). The only difference between these two datings results from the stubborn rejection by the official science of my "hobbyistic" scientific discoveries, which among other things bring to light the existence and effect of two different time qualities on earth (and in the universe). I.e. it results from the persistent rejection on the part of the official science of my scientific discoveries which I carry out in my private time, at my own expense, without wages and salary, which I carry out in spite of the most diverse pressure, mockery, accusations and persecutions which I experience because of them, whose results I spread and make accessible to every interested person free of charge.
Note that the copying of this table is NOT blocked. Therefore, the reader can copy it for free - only that the author appeals to respect the obligatory copyright in doing so, especially the part of my "copyrights" that insists on always indicating the data of my publication from which the results of my research were taken.
Although the above table looks unimpressive and modest, it has the potential to change the fate of our civilization. After all, it reveals what is coming up and approximately when. So, it is possible to prepare for it and even effectively protect oneself from it in case of the "epoch of fall of mankind" (i.e. the epochs marked "c" and "d" above - such as it came up on September 11, 2001 from epoch (4d) "Neo-Medieval Age"). So in the scientific sense this table is as important as my previous "cyclicity table for propulsion devices" - which allowed me to foresee long years before anybody else the appearance, but also the construction and working principles of the interstellar spaceships of my invention called Magnokraft and the time machine.
This groundbreaking significance of the above table does not even diminish the fact that it was developed by an imperfect human (or me), and therefore that by definition it contains small errors and mistakes (e.g. inaccurate data and imprecise terms) - however, the "totaliztic researchers" motivated by knowing the truth will be able to replace it in the future.
(As I believe, the researchers of the old "atheistic orthodox science", which exists at present only to exploit their monopoly on knowledge and education for the purpose of further financial profit for their incessant lying to mankind, will NEVER acknowledge the merit of my cyclicity tables, but will ignore them to infinity - similarly as they NEVER recognized the merit of my Theory of Everything, called Concept of Dipolar Gravity, NOR the merit of my Philosophy of Totalizm and my formal scientific proofs for the existence of God. Therefore, let's not expect that anyone of the atheistic scientists will make any discoveries or improvements concerning the two tables.

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