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Table G1. Construction parameters data sheet for eight basic types of crew-carrying Magnokraft
interpretation of symbols used is illustrated in Img.069 (G20), and also Img.064 (G15) and Img.067 (G18). The dimensions of particular vehicles are determined on the assumption that the outer diameter "D" in each type fulfils the equation (G16): D = 0.5486*2K [meters]. All dimensions from this table are expressed in metres.
No.TypBasic dataOuter shell dimensionsLocation & dimension of side propulsorsMain propulsor detailsNo. of legsC-r-e-wWeight of vehicle
KnDHL    dArcDsashDMaM
5.    72470.2210.0310.283.8449.656.502. or 472 472
6.K8828140.4417.5620.576.7899.3011.143.331.9212.4110.115.844817 317
7.K9932280.8831.2141.1412.52198.6119.505.763.3222.0718.2810.5649123 113
8.K101036561.7656.1882.2822.94397.2234.669.975.7539.7232.9119.003 or 410886 448
The equations that describe the mutual interrelations occurring between items presented in the above table (see also Figure G18):
H=D/K | K=D/H | n=4(K-1) | Arc=πd/n | DM=H(2-√2) | aM=DM/√3 | as=Ds/√3 | Crew=K | h=d/K | K=d/h | L=(D-d)/2 | d=D/√2 | Gs=DM-Ds |Ds=DM/3√n | Weight=0.05•D2•H