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Copyright Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

Table #D4

Here is my "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propelling Devices" with six consecutive "technical eras" . Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk. Descriptions of principles of operation of propelling devices that make up this table (including also those to be constructed in the distant future) are provided in items #J4.1. to #J4.6. from my web page named Propulsion - where it is also originally published as Table #J4a/Table #J4b. The above illustration of this table was graphically improved by my friend, Mr. Dominik Myrcik, with whom we together also prepared a half-hour film distributed for free on YouTube under the title Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube.
This film/video illustrates the operation of all major future propelling devices listed in the above table. It is thanks to the graphic talent of Mr. Dominik Myrcik that the computer graphics of the above table obtained such a spectacular appearance.
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