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Volume 9: Telepathic devices

K. Devices which utilize telepathic waves
- K1. The remote mind reader

K2. The telepathic pyramid
- K2.1. The gift from technology of telekinetic pyramid
- K2.2. The design and main components of the telepathic pyramid
- K2.3. The use of the telepathic pyramid as a telepathyser
- K2.4. The operation of the telepathic pyramid as a telekinetic battery
- K2.4.1. Modifications of the pyramid to be used as free energy devices
- K2.5. The operation of the pyramid as a telepathyser
- K2.6. Procedure of pyramid's completion
- K2.6.1. The recommended procedure of pyramid's completion
- K2.6.2. Subsequent goals of the procedure of pyramid's completion and ways of accomplishing them
- K2.6.3. To-date accomplishments in the development of pyramid's technology
- K2.7. Future applications of the telepathic pyramid

K3. Thought Recognition Interface (TRI)
- K3.1. TRI of the first generation, and their applications
- K3.2. TRI of the second generation, and their applications
- K3.3. TRI of the third generation
- K3.4. TRI of the fourth and higher generations

K4. UFOnauts system of communication and ways of blocking it

K5. The use of telepathic waves for formation of pictures
- K5.1. Telepathic telescopes and microscopes
- K5.1.1. Revealing devices
- K5.1.2. How our cosmic parasites look like
- K5.2. Telepathic projectors and two-directional visual communication at intergalactic distances

K6. Devices which intercept nature's telepathic vibrations
- K6.1. An alarming device for detecting incoming earthquakes

K7. Final comment

KB. Utilization of permanent telekinetisation of substances
- KB1. Methods of permanent telekinetisation

KB2. Telekinetic farming

KB3. Stimulation of synthesis of new elements by telekinetised substances

KB4. Consequences of telekinetic pollution of our natural environment


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