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Volume 8: Nirvana and totaliztic mechanics

JE. Totaliztic nirvana
- JE1. How the totaliztic nirvana could be described

JE2. The description of sensations experienced during the totaliztic nirvana

JE3. Mechanism which causes the totaliztic nirvana to happen

JE4. Three different types of nirvana
- JE4.1. Mass hysteria - as a reversal of the resonance nirvana

JE5. Attributes displayed by the totaliztic nirvana

JE6. Manifestations of nirvana (e.g. attracting the opposite sex)

JE7. Nirvana and goals of totalizm

JE8. Development of equations which quantify nirvana

JE9. How to earn the totaliztic nirvana

JF. Review of further benefits from practicing Totalizm
- JF1. Healing capabilities of totalizm - means totalizm as a "medicine of morality"

JF2. Costs and benefits of adopting totalizm in our everyday lives
- JF2.1. Costs and benefits for everyday life
- JF2.2. Costs and benefits for afterlife
- JF2.3. Examples of evidence which documents the existence of afterlife

JG. Totaliztic mechanics - a tool for quantifying our lives
- JG1. Why we need totaliztic mechanics

JG2. Classical mechanics versus totaliztic mechanics

JG3. Definitions, units and measurements of basic quantities of totaliztic mechanics which represent moral equivalents for parameters of linear motion from classical mechanics (i.e. coordinates, time, mass, displacement, velocity, acceleration, forces, energy, power, etc., for moral activities and for linear motion)
- JG3.1. Moral time
- JG3.2. Moral mass, or intelligence, as moral equivalent of mass from classical mechanics
- JG3.3. Moral displacements, or motivations as moral equivalent of displacement from classical mechanics
- JG3.4. Moral speed, or enthusiasm, as moral equivalent of velocity from classical mechanics
- JG3.5. Moral acceleration, or responsibility, as moral equivalent of acceleration from classical mechanics
- JG3.6. Feelings as moral equivalent of forces from classical mechanics
- JG3.7. Moral energy
- JG3.7.1. What gravity is and how our universe is shaped
- JG3.8. Moral power

JG4. Description of side effects of parasitism, as immoral equivalents for rotary motion from classical mechanics (energy of spinning, centrifugal force, angular displacement, etc.)
- JG4.1. Depression as moral equivalent of centrifugal force from classical mechanics
- JG4.2. Energy of rolling-downhill

JG5. Management of feelings
- JG5.1. Physical consequences of feelings
- JG5.2. The neutralization of above-threshold feelings
- JG5.3. Impact of feelings on moral energy level
- JG5.4. Influence of feelings during conception on the gender of a child

JG6. Relative moral energy "μ" and its quantification
- JG6.1. Moral traffic versus "μ"
- JG6.2. How to additionally increase our personal "μ"
- JG6.3. How to additionally increase "μ" in our country and civilisation

JG7. Management of moral energy

JG8. Nirvana

JG9. Gravity equations
- JG9.1. Equations of longevity
- JG9.1.1. The increase of longevity as the consequence of moral energy accumulation
- JG9.2. Equations of intelligence
- JG9.3. Equations of height
- JG9.4. Equations of weight
- JG9.5. Equations of feelings
- JG9.6. Equations of karma

JG10. Capabilities of totalizm to heal social life

JG11. Examples of practical problems of totaliztic mechanics together with solutions


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